Monday, June 28, 2010

Caramel "loopy" scarf

I made this scarf a few years ago, not really sure now how many.  Originally I had done a class at Ivy and Maude, and was so inspired I went on to make dozens of these.  Well, maybe a few more than a dozen, anyhow!  I gave nearly all of them away as gifts.
The stitch is a very clever stitch where you wrap the wool around your thumb as you are knitting and then cast the wool over to "lock" the loop in, creating permanent loops.  A friend once told me she had seen the stitch in a very old knitting book, so it's been around...  I thought for about a split second of trying to describe/draw how to do the stitch on this blog but abandoned that thought; its just too complex for my limited descriptive/illustrative skills...!
The beauty in these scarves is always in the wool you choose.  All the ones I made were out of Colinette Fandango; just bought one ball of this divine all-cotton yarn and knitted up the whole ball in this fashion; bingo, instant beautiful scarf.  The colour ranges available of this stuff are what "make" the scarf, imo.
This one has a mix of caramel, cream, fawn and grey and has long been a favourite (it's got so thin!!)  I have also made ones for myself in red/pink and one in pastel blue/green/pink.  The other ones I made for friends were all of other colours, I never doubled up on shades.  Didn't have to! every time I went into the shop there seemed to be so many new fabulous shades to choose from, my enthusiasm would be re-ignited all over again!

Scarf; made by me, Colinette Fandango yarn
Jeans; Burda 7863, black denim
Top; Ezibuy
Cardigan; Country Road
Handwarmers; Sportsgirl
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies in Dunsborough
Bag; Gucci
(New!!) Sunglasses; Ray Ban

News; I decided to join up to Wardrobe Refashion again, for another 4 months.  I may not do heaps of refashioning this time but I'll be sewing my own (as usual), and staying away from shopping for readymade clothes...
Also I signed up for this: 
'I, Carolyn (Handmade by Carolyn), sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear handmade and refashioned items of clothing and/or accessories and jewellery every day for the duration of September 2010'.

Should be fun!


  1. love the scarf! You sound like you will be a busy girl, but I look forward to seeing all of you beautiful creations!

  2. ooooh, good. I love your refashions ... :) I have to stay out of the yarn shops, always something yummy...! I like your scarf, it has great texture.

  3. Love your scarf.


  4. I'm lusting after your scarf!

    And congrats on joining up for Self-Stitched September! I'm going to be out of the country for half the month, or I'd join up, too. I'll be wearing most of my own self-stitched stuff that month, tho.

    Now, if we had All-by-Me August, I'd be able to do it! (I'd have everything to wear and no sewing to do, truthfully!)