Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Evening outfit, inspired by Christian Lacroix

This is an outfit I made for evening wear a couple of years ago.  It's been a wonderful one for when we have some winter function and the weather is really cold as I can pop on a thermal underneath if necessary, and my shoulders are covered.  I was completely inspired by the outfit at right from the Christian Lacroix Fall 2007 Couture collection.
The top is a bodysuit made out of thick stretch black jersey, and for a tiny dressy touch the shoulders were cut high and gathered tightly at the top for a little puff.  The decoration around the neckline is a tube of heavy ivory/cream raw silk that I folded randomly and artistically and hand-stitched down (see detail picture below).
While for the top I was aiming for slimline and body-hugging, I wanted for the skirt to be dramatically flared and with lots of "bits", like the Lacroix design.  I eventually achieved this by making two skirts.  For the underskirt I started off with New Look 6509 as a basic 8-gore skirt but altered by tapering the gores to be much wider at the hemline.  I also added wide triangular inserts in between some of the gores for added volume.  The overskirt is pretty much a circle skirt, plus some extra at the front opening.  The inserts and the overskirt I hemmed in straight lines, forming points, for a gothicky, witchy look.
Oh, (afterthought!) I'm not sure what the composition of the skirt fabric actually is, but it is like a heavy and very stiff satin; with a slight sheen on one side and matte on the other.  Perfect for the look I wanted.

Bodysuit; drafted my own design, black stretch jersey knit with ivory silk decoration
Skirt; drafted my own design, starting with New Look 6509, black stiff fabric
Tights; Kolotex
Shoes; Nina, from David Jones


  1. Very inspired indeed. It is beautiful.

  2. You are so amazing. You have so much skill. This is so totally gorgeous.


  3. I really like this! The skirt is amazing. The whole look: fantastic!

  4. I love it when runway inspiration can be translated to an actual well-fitting, flattering garment! Are any of your other friends as stylish as you? You take some really fun fashion risks, and I love it!

  5. Very cool, Carolyn. I really like how the folds showing the right and wrong side of the skirt fabric look like different textures. Thank you for the unending inspiration!

  6. This is cool! It really does resemble the runway dress that inspired you and it looks smashing on you!

  7. You are very talented!!! That's amazing!