Monday, June 21, 2010

Except the boots...

Today my outfit is completely handmade by me!!  Doesn't happen with extreme frequency, especially during winter when jumpers and cardigans are in constant appearance, so feeling pretty pleased with this outfit!  And my socks are knitted by me too, although they're clearly not visible here...!  I really like the mix of blues and khaki combination, muted but strong; a colour scheme I really wanted to wear this winter.
Sigh, one of the factors causing me angst at the moment is whether or not to join up to Wardrobe Refashion again.   I've noticed that it is not going to cost us to join up, which is a good thing.  But I keep coming across new Metalicus tops in yummy colours which when I spy them am immediately convinced will fill a gaping hole in my wardrobe...   But do I really need new tops?  No.  Want?  Er, well, yes.... (shamefaced)  Yesterday I got out a woolen Tshirt from winter last year and it had big holes in it, a victim of silverfish (sad face)...  so some new tops should be on my to-get list.  And I have a big craving for some Metalicus.  It's like a drug.  I must resist.
As well, in the West last weekend Rob Broadfield in his restaurant review penned a particularly scathing (and kinda nasty) comment on a certain type of woman who hails from the western suburbs (which I don't) and who wears Metalicus (er, guilty).  My friend D once described the type as a latte-drinking, western suburbs airhead.  I think I'm safe on the latte issue, the western suburbs issue, and the airhead issue.  But I am failing on the Metalicus front...  And I definitely do NOT want to be lumped into that, or any, category of women.  I like to think I have my own style and am different from the herd.  (As we all do!)  So teetering here, on the whole Wardrobe Refashion issue...  
I did some more sewing over the weekend and have some new things to show you, but much better suited to a chillier day than today!
Today's random picture below; cute droplets of water on my benchtop, must be a "sign", no?

Jeans; Burda 7863, khaki stretch gabardine
T-shirt; refashioned from husband's old T-shirt here
Cardigan; refashioned from husband's old jumper here
Scarf; refashioned from husband's old tank here
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies in Dunsborough


  1. Hi Carolyn! I love the outfit, it looks so comfy, perfect for a chilly day! The colour of the cardi and jumper are similar to the tunic I just made for my daughter. I just re-signed to WR for six months, but I'm sure I'll be tempted to purchase something along the way!

  2. I'm debating the Wardrobe Refashion thing too... if it stays free, I'll probably sign on again in the fall. I didn't make it through even half my refashion pile the last go 'round. But I have to do it in two month increments and then take a rest I think just to keep... the no shopping pledge - and really think if I need anything during that time period ... Still LOVE those pants ... I'm thinking you must too as they've appeared alot lately.

    And what a satisfaction to have a "made by me" outfit down to the socks ...!!!

  3. You like what you like! Who cares what Snobbie Robbie said about Metalicus? I just looked at their site (since we don't have one here in Portland…), and their clothes look comfy, stylish and infinitely wearable. I'd be on board with wearing MANY of their clothes. And I don't fit into his neat little boxes, either. (this touched a nerve, can you tell?)

    And I love the outfit today! You're rocking the blue!

  4. Such a nice outfit.

  5. You certainly have your own style and I like how you keep making what you like and shopping where you get the "right" things for you.

    Your outfit looks perfect :)