Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Game of 8 questions

Thankyou ladies, for your sweet comments yesterday.  Really lifted my spirits to read your kind words.  I think it's so wonderful that we have this new international community at our fingertips, where women can support each other in our creative endeavours.  Don't you?
The very clever Lily over at House of Mirth tagged me recently for the game of eight questions, thankyou Lily!  It would be fab if we could spot each other at the fabric store one day, no?
So here they are!
1) If you could live in any time and place, when and where would it be?
Ooh, well growing up I read all of Agatha Christie's books and her autobiography and had such a fascination for her life in England during late Victorian and early 20th century times, so it would have to be there.  Must be the explanation for my unquenchable obsession for white lace...  And my family and ancestry is all from there so I feel a very strong affinity for the place, even though I've never been there...!
2) Other than Mr Darcy, who is your most shaggable fictional character?
Have you ever come across Altaiir?  Those of us ladies who have teenage boys and have seen the Assassin in action on XBox are all well aware of the mysterious sex-ay hotness of the spunkiest virtual man ever conceived...  Watch this and be still my beating heart...

3) Do you have any hidden talents?
4) Tell me something embarrassing about yourself!
Well, only that I have been known on occasion to take pictures of myself in my outfits in public, hiding from other walkers and often pretending to be taking photos of my dog!  Lol!
5) What really gets on your nerves?
Well as I'm getting older I'm calming down and just the obvious biggies such as sexism and racism and age-ism are left...  It used to be things like using a "k" instead of a "c"; there is a cafe on the way to my parent's house called "Krazy Kow Kafe", (rolling eyes) just too twee for words, no?...  bad spelling like that used to really bug me but I've calmed down on that one, since nowadays I'm just as capable as the next person of punching messages into my phone such as "c u 2moz?"!
6) Do your family and friends read your blog?
Mum and Dad, my husband, my daughter Cassie, and my sister in law Sandi all leave a comment once in a while.  Only a very few of my friends even know about my blog!
7) What's your favourite movie?
I've not come across another movie yet that had such a big impact on me on first viewing as the Sixth Sense.  The weary passion of the characters, the careful measured pace of it, the sombre colours with that significant splash of red, the atmosphere of fear and loneliness, the breathtaking climax.  It was just perfectly constructed in every way.  On a completely different note, last weekend I saw Kick Ass.  I wouldn't recommend it if you're offended by bad language, but I loved every moment!
8) What does your dream cat look like? (Mine is a big fat fluffy orange Persian with a squished face called Darren or Darryl. Not liking cats is not an option!)
I already have three dream felines in residence; but take a look at Missile Cat here!  Funny!
Now I'm going to tag the following:
Trudy, from Sewing with Trudy
Ann, from Ann's Fashion Studio
Shannon; from Mushywear
Angie; from Sew I Thought
A Sewn Wardrobe
Cassie; from After a Busy Day

And if they would like to play they can answer the following questions:
1. What is the first thing you made?  Do you still have it?
2. If you had a daemon (an animal companion that best fitted your personality), what would it be?
3. In which country, other than the one you actually do live in, would you like to live?
4. What colour do you think is your "best colour"?
5. A movie is made about your life; what would it be called?
6. Who would you select to play you in this movie about yourself?
7. If cost and/or cooking ability were no object; what would you most like to have for dinner?
8. Has a song ever moved you to tears?


  1. Hi Carolyn. Thanks for including me in this fun game. I always enjoy reading what you are up to with your creativity and fashion! Loved both boys shirts. Been thinking about moving past pj's for my boys and on to clothes. You've definitely inspired me.

  2. Great answers. Love the photo of the missile cat :) x

  3. It was interesting and a bit funny to read!

  4. I love the cat photo! It's hilarious.

  5. Hi Carolyn! Great answers! It is fun to play these little games, isn't it? Nice to read interesting facts about someone you wouldn't otherwise know. Thank you for the kind comment about my daughter Hillary's tunic. I love to see for my kids. The Cynthia Rowley pattern is wonderful,isn't it? Just give me the word and I will send you a copy! I'd love to see your version of the jacket!

  6. Carolyn, thank you so much for tagging me. I was already tagged and I have that post scheduled for tomorrow on my sewing blog. Hope you read it so you can learn more about me. I was going to tag you, but I researched it first to see if you were already tagged and I noticed that House of Mirth had already tagged you. I had read it on her blog. But what I will do is amend my post to say that you also tagged me and put a link to your blog. If you don't mind, I won't answer another set of questions, though, because of my busy schedule. Thank you again for always thinking of me.


  7. hehehe Missile cat! Oh how I love cats!!!! I wish I had 3!

    You are officially the first person I know who thinks a computer game character is hot. Although I think that Trent from Daria is hot and he's a cartoon.... so that's almost the same. :)