Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going to the game

Once again, soccer Mum mode... today I lucked out, got myself a nice sheltered spot sitting in the sun and managed to knit continuously throughout the game; bonus!!  Yeah, I can finally knit without having to watch what my hands are doing and it's wunderbar...
Our game was a draw so, m-yeah (shrug) better than a loss, no?  Now the weather is absolutely freeeezing I'm well into the knitting swing once again.  When I got dressed this morning we had just hit our minimum of 1C so I just threw on this blue-hued mishmash of garments and was out the door with a minimum of hemming and hawing half-dressed in front of the wardrobe...  Oh, I did at first have on some little black knitted handwarmers too, but I've taken them off here after warming up in the sun.
Can you believe it?  1C!!!!!  I can't remember Perth ever being this cold before!  I have clear memories of when I was a teenager and hearing on the radio the minimum one morning was 5C and my friends and I thought we were dying...!  I'm kind of over winter already, my least favourite season; it's too cold to sew much, or at least my way of sewing which involves lots of fitting to myself during construction, which necessarily involves undressing... brrrr! just can't do it!
I'd much rather be curled up on a couch or in the sun with a pile of wool and a pussycat on my lap and a dog at my feet.
Can you tell I washed my hair today?  For many years I've washed my hair religiously every second day, and for the past month or so I've been experimenting with leaving it until the third day because I felt it was looking a little frizzy.  Later last night I took another look at yesterday's blog photo (it was day 3 hair)  and felt mildly revolted at the sight of my hair.  If I hadn't been so rushed yesterday I would have washed my hair and re-taken those damn photos!  Too late!  So I've made a decision; my hair is definitely two-day wash hair.

Jacket; Simplicity 4698, navy blue raw silk
Top; Metalicus
Jeans; Soon
Scarf; souvenir from Paris
Boots; Mina Martini, from Marie Claire shoes


  1. oh, 1C - didn't you live in Pennsylvania for a year? I bet you were really dying there. :) Even here in central texas it gets colder than that, occasionally ... I actually like winter now that it doesn't last 6 months, and because our summers are sooo hot, but didn't like it when we were in PA....

    I like this jacket! I am going to make one this fall with that pattern, I think. Knitting without looking? sounds like a knitting nirvana. :)

    Your hair looks beautiful today. I didn't notice anything wrong yesterday though .... have a good weekend!

  2. Looking cute as always.

    Your hair looks nice and full and bouncy. Beautiful. I didn't think you looked bad in the previous photo, but I have to agree that second day washing is even better. the same goes for my hair.