Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lounge room curtains, 1

One set of my lounge room curtains!  There is another set, which I will post pictures of next week.  I do try to limit my blogging in some ways, as in, yes, I do post every day which may be excessive but there may come a time when my enthusiasm wanes and you will be left in relative peace from my random sewing onslaughts...  For now I'm steadily working through all the stuff I've made, both past and present and with a smattering of my fashion ideas as they occur to me...  I hope this is not too boring.
This is the window facing onto our courtyard and all the flowering plants in it are red, raspberry or pink in colour, so I went with this cheerful and cosy crimson chenille fabric for the curtains to complement the outlook.  Just a simple (huge!) rectangle of fabric two and a half times the width of the window, with curtain tape sewn to the top and triple pleat hooks inserted in the appropriate places... nothing fancy, but simple curtains are my preference.  These have been up for about four years now.  I love the subdued gloss of the polished steel curtain rods at the top and like to see them exposed.  Thus no pelmets.
Unfortunately, being winter there are not many flowers here on my flowering plants, but in spring and summer it is a lovely rosy red view from here!  I didn't time this post very well with the seasons, did I...?


  1. I don't think your blog is boring at all. I enjoy it very much. These are gorgeous curtains. I love the color. And that's a very nice view. For Father's Day I've posted photos of my husband playing with the children in various activities. Monday I have a vintage post scheduled on the sewing blog and photos of my oldest daughter's recent trip to Israel on my art blog for Monday, might be your Tuesday, though. Not sure how that works.

    Trudy &

  2. I like your idea of posting older projects so that you can keep posting consistently. I'd love to post every day, and this would be a good way to do it ... I love reading it every day, it's certainly not boring .... And the curtains are quite nice! It makes me want to post mine, but I've taken them down to move to the new house. In a month or so maybe ...

  3. I think the curtain looks great, and no - posts like this are not boring at all!

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