Friday, June 18, 2010

Winterblue shirt

You've heard of "wintergreen"?  Well I've decided this is "winterblue"!  You know, a sort of arctic colour scheme and with the snowflake-like print 'n all...?
Today is my son Tim's birthday, so of course I had to make him a shirt like his brother's, see here...  Tim really feels the cold so I made his out of warm-as-toast plaid cotton flannel, a fabric that caused a few queries about the "pyjamas" I was making but in keeping with my surfwear research of the other week!, and using Burda 7767 (yes, again...)  Again I used press studs in lieu of buttons throughout, and added a tab inside the sleeves so he can roll his sleeves up; the preferred mode of wear.  Although the cuffs and sleeve plackets are there and finished to perfection (if I say so myself!) they will probably never be seen!
Please note that the checks match up perfectly, and that the pockets are mini symmetrical works of art; patched and with the outer half placed on the diagonal, pocket flaps also on the diagonal and stripes going in the opposite direction on each side.  I'm kind of obsessive with my patterns like that!  Do you like the little message I put inside the yoke?  I ran out of the flannel (it came in a much narrower width than I realised when buying it) and so used some of the leftover cotton from Sam's shirt to face the pocket flaps and for the inside yoke.  
He says he loves it, and is wearing it now.  Happy birthday, Tim!
Today's random picture below, an inadvertent experiment by Tim; what happens when you leave a felt-tip pen uncapped and resting overnight against a roll of absorbent toilet paper?  Scroll down to find out...


  1. I love the hidden contrast yoke ... And your efforts to make things match ... I once cut down an old shirt of my husband to make a little shirt for my son when he was 18 months old ,,, it was my first effort at matching plaids and it was perfect, so gratifying when it works out like that.

    I can see my son doing such an "experiment" some day!

  2. (I haven't heard of "wintergreen"... I think there is something wrong with me!) Tim is gorgeous! And he looks fabulous in that shirt! Love it.

    Re your last post: I've just signed up for another 6 months at Wardrobe Refashion. I think I am insane! I think my wardrobe (as lacking as it is) is actually the best it's ever been since I've stopped buying stuff. (Although I have bought some tracksuit pants and a hoodie from Country Road... but they don't count as they're FAR too boring for me to make at home.)

    I have tagged you in my game of 8 questions. :)

  3. Wonderful shirt! and such a nice touch inside. It is so nice when others appreciate a hand-made gift.

  4. beautifuly made shirt!! And such a handsome model!!