Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These did not start out life as bedsocks, but as proper socks deserving of wearing outside of the house.  Now they look just awful and I'm a bit embarrassed to put them up here, but they are handmade by me so here they are...  Unfortunately these were one pair of the three victims of that notorious Day of the Disastrous Too-Warm Wash and have shrunk (you've seen all of these now), and have been delegated to my daughter's sock drawer.  I'm so lucky she has smaller feet than me (I have HUGE feet) and can wear these socks... 
These were made using the Pastonyle sock wool, which has a very high wool content and a low synthetic content, a no-no for sock wool as it turns out...  it's my own fault for not separating them out from the general washing pile of garments that are a little hardier.  Nowadays I wash all the socks on a wool cycle and have no more nasty surprises when I hang up the washing... we live and learn.

Below; another little face that popped up at me, a sad face this time...  It's strangely ironic that this face appears to be crying, on a day when the skies are weeping copiously too, no?

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  1. So sorry they shrunk, but at least your daughter can wear them. They are so cute.

    I HAVE to wear socks to bed when it's cold, or I'm miserable.

    By the way, I have big feet, too. My teen has dainty little feet, like my mom.