Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black with rose-pink accents

My husband wittily suggested I title my post "Amish chic", he he  cheeky...  It's my hat.  But we've lived amongst the Amish and I never saw an Amish lady in jeans.  "Amish menswear chic"?  I hope not.  I prefer to think I look more ...err, "kind of equestrian"?... yeah, well maybe.
 Yesterday I visited a second hand shop and op shop with my friend E, or "went thrifting" as Americans say...! (lol, I'm already imagining my grandmother, a stickler for correct English, giving me a strict grammar lesson on that one!  But hey, language is supposed to be an organic ever-changing tool for communication, right?  Right.)
Oh, back to the haul.  I got this hat in an op-shop, it's of stiff felt and lovely.  I also picked up two Metalicus cardigans and a lovely beaded Wheels and Doll-baby cardigan second hand, the latter only needs a few buttons stitching on more firmly to be perfect.  Score!!  And I'm so thrilled I got my Metalicus fix without having to break my Wardrobe Re-fashion pledge!
This morning I noticed for the first time that this scarf actually goes beautifully with the little silk chiffon pockets on my cardigan.  A small detail.  Just a touch of rosy pink to warm up the black elsewhere.
And since lately we are having reasonably warm sunny weather today I'm wearing a summer top, a little white lacy short-sleeved thing, last seen here.  Believe it or not I still have three lengths of different white lace in my stash, awaiting my attention...  I'm really being very good about my stash.  I've cut out four more projects ready to go.  Unfortunately three of them still require a visit to the fabric shop, to pick up some needed extras such as a bit of extra lining for one, some matching braid or ribbon for another and some buttons and braid for the other.  I just hope I can escape from the store without succumbing to the siren call of all the new spring fabrics that I know will be there... wish me strength...

Top; my own design variations on New Look 6483, ivory cotton and crocheted lace inset strips
Cardigan; Alannah Hill
Scarf; knitted using 3 balls Colinette chenille
Jeans; Burda 7863, black denim
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies
Hat;  op shop


  1. The rose and black look so nice together. I also love your dress from the previous post. The beaded overlay is very pretty on the bodice and works so well with the rest of the dress.

  2. Oh, I like this. I wish i could figure out how to wear hats as an accessory, i.e. for fashion rather than for sun-shading or warmth. No, not Amish at all, it is nothing like a bonnet and not the right shape for a man's hat. your hubby is funny. I really like the rose and black too, it makes the rose pop!

    Thanks for the blouse suggestions, I looked them up this morning. I really like the burda one, -- I've never sewn with burda, but this might be a good time to try as I've sewn alot of shirts for hubby... The mccall's one is different. I've seen it, but now that I've heard a good review, I might try it. I like the version with the neck tie. Anyhow, thanks!

  3. You look great in that hat! And you're right – it's stellar with the cute cardi.

    Good luck staying strong at the fabric store. I struggle with not "impulse buying" on fabric, too. I find that when I leave the credit and debit cards at home and only carry cash, it works really well. That way, I know that if I *really* want something, I'll go back for it. (I usually don't go back, tho.)

  4. You look so cool here. Love the hat and boots.