Sunday, July 25, 2010

Casino Royale party, with DIY necklace

Remember back in April I went to a fashion parade and mentioned a stunningly over-the-top necklace?  I had initially thought of a DIY but my jewellery making skills are not fabulous.  So I went back to the store with some friends a while back and had a closer look at the necklace; with a vague view of suggesting it to Craig as a future birthday gift and discovered it was a Tom Binn's design and was selling for $1695, well NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!  With my usual stingeiness selfless concern for the family finances (he he!) I decided to persist with the DIY after all.  And remembered this tutorial by the amazing Maegan, whose blog is heaps inspiring, she is very beautiful, stylish and creative too...  so every time I've been to op shops and secondhand stores I've checked out the jewellery selection, but I've come to the conclusion Australians just do not get rid of half-way nice jewellery at all but only truly junk jewellery...  so eventually I ended up in Diva where I bought five cheap new necklaces, and also supplemented with one I already had.  And here is the result!
Last night Craig and I went to a Casino Royale party and I decided the event was ripe for excessive bling and luxury and wearing the new necklace...   And I love my new necklace and it got lots of compliments!  And I want to work on it some more and make it even more OTT!
Below is the outfit I wore to the party; glam, no?  We certainly had heaps of fun...  All the guys were in tuxedos and all the girls were super blingy and I wasn't the only one in a fur...  This fur coat was given to me by a friend of my sister-in-law's who had inherited it from a great aunt and who wanted to get rid of it, can you believe it?!...  I wouldn't wear new fur, but PETA-supporters rest assured this is a very old fur coat, older than all of us...
This kinda drab black velvet dress I'm wearing?  I did get this in an op shop with a view to altering it but haven't got around to it yet and this is the "before" look.  It's on my to-do list...

Dress; from an op shop
Fur coat; old old old, given to me
Shoes; Nina, from David Jones
Necklace; made by me from six other necklaces
Earrings; Sophie Kyron


  1. So Glam! I love it! Way to be creative and come up with such a perfect necklace. So nice to have a fun reason to dress up.

  2. You look fabulous. Love how you combined the necklaces. Very glamorous.


  3. I love this. It would even be cute with a tee-shirt and some jeans.

  4. WOW you look absolutely glamorous!
    and you did an outstanding job on the necklace. Making your own necklace this way is a very smart and creative idea.

  5. oh wow, you do look extremely glamourous! and she makes jewelery too , I think it is really amazing. Did you ride in that car too? with the top down?