Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Noro baggy beanie

Boy, I haven't done this for a few weeks!  Trucked my camera and tripod in a backpack down to the river with my dog for a photo, that is...  I walk her along the foreshore every day but taking photos here just seems so much harder during winter and I'm getting lazy.  On a beautiful winter's day like today I should go to the effort more often, no?
So, here is the other baggy beanie I've made for this winter.  This is made using one ball of Noro Kuryon? I think?  I bought this wool a few months ago, and have lost the tag...  It's my own design, but obviously there's nothing tricky or difficult about making a beanie.  The beauty in this beanie is in the lovely knobbly wool, and it's woods-y shades of moss green, heather-y purple, a touch of fungal yellow, all shades of brown and deepest charcoal.

Beanie; made by me to my own design, Noro Kureyon
Skirt; made by me, Vogue 7303, olive green corduroy
Top, tights and cardigan; all Metalicus
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies


  1. Pretty outfit and nice pics!

  2. Love your beanie and your whole outfit. Your dog is so pretty and sweet looking. How precious doing the photo shoot with your dog.


  3. Great look. we had our first Sydney blue sky today for a week. Makes a difference to ones mood.

  4. I loooooove the beach pictures - esp. since it is a part of the world I may never visit! The hat looks so comfy ... I really should get to my knitting again. Oh, right, after the unpacking. :)

  5. Gorgeous and toasty hat! I LOVE the heck out of Noro. Their colourways are incredible when you knit 'em up.