Monday, July 26, 2010

On growing old gracefully

Today met my girlfriends for a get-together and debrief after the school holidays...  

{You know how when something is troubling you, a good bit of advice is to write a long letter to yourself where you can purge all the negativity out of your system?  Then you are supposed to rip up same letter and toss it out?  Well I just did that with this blog post.  I had written a long rambling lot of introspective balderdash.... I knew it was kinda silly when I wrote it, and even my husband came home and advised me it was not worthy...  the long and short of this is that the "blah blah blah" that was here before is gone from this blog.  If you have already read the first draft of weirdness and scratched your head wondering where was the expected sewing, knitting and fashion, well I apologise sincerely.  Sometimes one needs to vent.  And vent I did.  Sorry!}

Man...  as an afterthought; what on earth am I wearing? back to business... today wearing the khaki and air-force blue colour combo I predicted would be my staple for this winter.  Well, the denim is close enough to the "dirty" blue I'm loving; and the texture and colour of my scarf works just perfectly right for what I wanted, considering I dressed without much thought this morning.  Some of my favourite ensembles have been the result of a rushed thoughtless random grabbing of separates...

Dress; Cue, found secondhand and refashioned here.  
Jacket; Ezibuy
Scarf; knitted by me from various wools
Leggings; Metalicus
Boots; Andrea and Joen; from Uggies


  1. I look at your outfits with a little jealousy - I love wearing clothes, layering and it's too hot for that in my country at he moment. Can't wait for autumn.

  2. Oh, women's friendships are just so complicated ... :( virtual hugs.

  3. I can relate. And I am trying very hard to grow old "gracefully." I can be very introspective sometimes. A letter to self sounds like a good idea. Then into the trash it will go

    You very put together.