Friday, July 16, 2010

Oversized knitwear

The latest Vogue magazine has been singing the virtues of oversized knitwear for this winter.  This isn't a look I go for very often, but I thought for once in a while, why not?  Granted the fashionable colours for this year are more of your putty greys, beiges, caramels, charcoal and black.  Sometimes it is nice though to splash out with a taste of cheery warm scarlet to brighten up the day.
For today I dug out this jumper that I had made for my husband, very early in our marriage.  Definitely pre kiddies, anyhow...  I don't think he's worn it for at least ten years.  I mentioned in a previous post how I occasionally borrowed my husband's clothes, and Caroline commented how her husband's clothes would be HUGE on her, well, lookie here, people, at what my husband's clothes actually look like on me, too!  I think "oversize" and "loose" are being achieved here satisfactorily, no?  I think an oversize jumper can look very cute and sexy, when it is styled right.  It's best worn with close-fitting, if not tight, pants or a skirt; so the big loose top part of your ensemble is balanced out by a sleeker, streamlined lower part.  We have no desire to go out looking at all "dress-up box", now, do we?
This jumper is made using Patons 8 ply, an Australian pure merino wool that sadly seems to have disappeared from the knitting aisles... it came in a fabulous range of pure self colours which lent itself beautifully to fair isle designs as well as one colour affairs such as this one.
I followed a pattern which has long gone so I can't share with you here, sorry.  It was my first go at cables, and once these were de-mystified for me in the making of this jumper I've not looked back.  Now I'm just like, cables? meh... no biggie.

Jumper; made by me, using Patons 8 ply to a Patons pattern
Jeans; made by me, Burda 7863, khaki stretch gabardine
Top (underneath); Metalicus


  1. That looks like the most comfortable sweater in the world! I love big sweaters like that in the winter months, although here in Texas I may not need them as much.

  2. I love big, oversized sweaters! I think they require big mugs of coffee and a good book. Red's my favourite colour, so of COURSE I love this sweater in a big way. :)

    BTW: Cables? Still mystified. That's the great thing about knitting and sewing. You're always learning something new.

  3. wow, the sweater is gorgeous. I don't think I would ever attempt a hubby sized sweater. I'm laughing because I guess your hubby isn't any closer to your size than mine .... Patons yarn ... yum. I've never had an 8 ply - didn't know they made that. But when Gideon was a baby I made him some wool diaper pants out of patons yarn ... It was my first foray into something other than acrylic and acrylic blends and it was just so yummy to knit with. Now I am a yarn snob and won't knit with acrylic ....