Monday, July 12, 2010

The pared back menswear look

My ensemble today is inspired by the minimalist pared back look of this Chloe outfit (below)I spied and coveted in my Vogue magazine.  I assumed at first it was from the spring/summer Celine collection that I have raved about in a previous post; an uncluttered simple look that suits me to a T... but no, it is Chloe, Fall 2010.  Obviously the designer Hannah MacGibbon was just as "inspired" by Phoebe Philo's collection as everyone else.  I won't say "copied", these are supposed to be paid creative professionals, after all...!, but you just head over to and have a quick squiz at these two collections side by side and you might raise your eyebrows a little too...
These are the linen pants I made back last year, using Burda 7944.  I love their wide-legged comfortable Annie Hall appeal.  For winter I am wearing my tights underneath and a thick thermal under my top, and I'm warm as warm can be!  So nice the weather has warmed up a tad now the winter rains have come...  
On a different note; when I started this blog I was determined that I would be spicing up my boring wardrobe by trying to accessorise more but looking back I can see my natural look is to be minimally accessorised and I seem to be slipping back to that more and more...  should I fight this?

Pants; made by me, Burda 7944, gunmetal blue linen
Top; Metalicus
Belt; Country Road, had since a teenager
Boots; Mina Martini, from Marie Claire shoes

Photos below; at left Chloe Fall 2010 RTW, middle Celine spring/summer 2010 RTW, right a still from "Annie Hall" filmed in 1977


  1. This is a very classy look. I love the simplicity of it and the wide-legged linen slacks. I don't think you should fight the simple, low accessory look. I think you should go with whatever feels right to you at the time. You always look great. You have a very good sense of style.

    Just wondering. Did you get my email with the questions?


  2. Like the clean, fresh, look you have here. Simple, yet sophisticated.

  3. You look wonderful, those pants are super great! I love wide leg pants or jeans myself.
    And the belt looks great here. One of my favorites outfit from you.

  4. You wear the minimalist look very well. I love everything about this outfit - the cut, the colour, everything!

  5. love the outfit, but I think your belt is a little wide and unlike the designer photos, you are actually getting cut at the waist while their outfits flow from top to bottom.

    THis is my first posting on your blog, but I have been enjoying it for months. You go girl.

  6. That look is pretty timeless and you wear it well! I love minimalism. It leaves so much room for self-expression with accessories.
    A long-ish, art/chunky necklace would really be great with this, if you're looking for options.

  7. I think this outfit looks perfect.
    I am not an accessory person, I wear very little jewelry/accessories, (often none) so I like this look. Your outfits always look pulled together with or without accessories so I'd say do as you've been doing :)
    You look great.

  8. Oh, I like it. I wonder about the accessories thing too, and at times enjoy playing around with it, but it is more "effort" ... perhaps with practice this becomes easier? Your outfits are fine either way, I think.

  9. Very classy. Gosh that picture of Dianne Keaton takes me back. I used to borrow my now husband's clothes to get the Annie Hall look.

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