Friday, July 23, 2010

TGl Friday

Today was meeting friends for morning tea, and another friend for a walk later (and afternoon tea afterwards, no doubt!)  It's a tough life.  My office work can wait until tonight, methinks... and it would be a crying shame to waste a beautiful day like today.  Of course if I said that every day I would get absolutely no work done whatsoever...! but meh.
This is the "Weird Bodice" dress from last winter, that I love for its flattering olive shade, flattering for me, that is; and cute flippy skirt, but has a strange bodice design that needs covering up.  I went for some cheerful happy colours to go on over the top.  I've always had a thing about red, and have always worn a lot of it.  I think it suits my hair colour.  This winter it seems to have dropped off the fashion radar, apart from the currently all-the-rage LRD (little red dress for evening wear).  The shops are filled with drab putty neutral shades, and the ubiquitous BLACK.  Seriously, I was out with a friend a week or so ago, and we passed a boutique where everything on the racks was black, and I mean everything.  It was a marvellous thing, well, it certain had us marvelling, but not in a good way.  Are Perthies so boring in our colour choices, that an all-black shop would stay happily in business?  (bearing in mind it was in a high-ish rent area too)  Bizarre...

Dress; Burda 7897, olive bamboo/cotton mix
Cardigan; Metalicus
Scarf; Frangi, from Tie-Rack
Tights; Kolotex
Shoes; Django and Juliette, from Zomp shoes
Bag; Gucci


  1. Again, I love the color combination. You look great.


  2. Oh, I love the colors in this outfit. In previous times I would have drooled over an all black shop. Black and white and grey and khaki seemed like my go to solution for looking put together. (my college roommate, a quite colorful dresser - and a fantastic thrifter - I have many things she found for me - would always complain about how boring my closet was) I am enjoying much more playing with color now - much to the happiness of my colorful husband who would have had the same complaint about my closet several years ago. Now, not so much.

  3. It's a very nice outfit, black tights ands shoes look very good with more colorful top.