Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Welcome" plaque

While sewing is my first and fiercest love, I have once upon a time also indulged in other artistic pursuits; including folk art painting.  Anyone else who once joined in the "folk art phase" please don't remind me how long ago that particular fad was, let's keep it our little secret...
I did quite a lot of folk art stuff but gave most of it away and only have a few things left.  The last time I stayed down in the country with Mum and Dad I took this photo of a "welcome" plaque I made for them...
The design is my own and the flower painted on it, for non-Aussies, is supposed to be a grevillea.  It might not be a perfect grevillea but years later I'm still quite pleased with how it turned out.
In sewing news, I am making a wool coat for spring from grey wool flannel which is coming along very nicely, thankyou for asking.  I am getting through that mountainous stash like nobody's business...  But for every handful of strides forward one must expect the obligatory backward step once in a while...  Last week my friend J asked me if she could borrow a favourite dress to wear to a  cocktail party so I went to my wardrobe to hunt out something... and felt deeply depressed at all the lacklustre gowns hanging there.  I hated all of them.  I need some new evening wear, soon!  She borrowed this dress again, a dress I'm still OK with.  Well I'm not ready to toss it out just yet, put it that way.  But I seriously feel in need of a classy evening dress with some pizzazz.  A new one.  Something different from my oldy oldies that have been worn for years...  Something smart and modern.  So I bought this today and some silk dupion in an old gold colour with the evocative name of "Antique".  Excited!  Watch this space...
Oh, I still have about three or four evening outfits I haven't put up here on my blog yet, and will do so at some point.  Promise.


  1. I've looked at that Guy Laroche pattern recently. Wondered what it might look like in a charcoal wool at a longer length for day wear.

  2. I love the details on the jacket. Looking forward to seeing your version!

  3. Lover your plaque. You are so talented. You can do such a wide variety of crafty things.

    On the sewing front, you are being so productive. That's so neat. Look forward to seeing your jacket and your new formal wear. So exciting!


  4. I'm jealous. Can't wait to work through my stash again! And another coat! Am excited to see that!

  5. Antique silk dupion Wow! The fabric alone sounds exciting. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more :-)