Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cross-stitch initial cushions

These are some cushions I embroidered with my parents' initials a few years ago (hehe, when I was into cross-stitch a while back...)  and sewed up the cushion covers with some gathered broderie anglaise edging.  I think on the backs I sewed proper little fold-over closures with buttonholes and cute pearly buttons; but I forgot to turn over the cushions when I was taking this photo to refresh my memory...  Mum and Dad pay me the honour of having them permanently sitting on their bed, and I love the all-white embroidered and belgian lace bedlinen they have here... but then the all-white look is my favourite decorating style.  As well as in clothing... but I'm told white doesn't suit me so I shouldn't wear it so much.  Apparently I should stick to ivory or beige.
On my walk this morning; below, the first signs of spring?  Seems incredible but there it is.
Truthfully I am sick of winter.  More accurately, I'm sick of the cold, we are still so desperate for rain.  My friend J was telling me how they may turn their sheep loose into the crops because the growth has been so pathetic they may as well utilise it for sheep feed... a bad situation.  She's measured that they've had all of 127mm of rain this winter (non-metric people, that's about 5 inches) and everything is as dry as a bone, keeping fingers crossed for a wetter spring...


  1. I was smiling at the cherry blossoms this morning too. Spring has finally sprung!

  2. The pillows make a nice addition to your parents' bed.

    I hope you get rain soon. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a little comment.


  3. Well I thought perhaps spring was coming yesterday... a bit of sunshine and warmth... and then today is now freezing and rainy again! grrrr. But you are so right about the rain... we need it.
    Your cross-stitch is very pretty!

  4. Oh, I like the all white for bed linens too, esp. mixing different textures and weights ... I love wearing it too! I think your coloring is great for white (at least as I can tell in internet photos ....) The cross stitch pillows gives it a lovely elegant touch.

    Hope you guys get some rain.

  5. I've been thinking about making some simple decorative pillows for our couch. I want something in funky patterns.