Monday, August 23, 2010

Going for the full skirt look

I went through my wardrobe this weekend, to determine how easy it was going to be to fulfill my own personal Self-Stitched September challenge of "all handmade with no double-ups".  I learnt some things; firstly, thirty outfits is a LOT of outfits!!  Secondly, and as I thought, the tops issue is the tricky part.  I've realised during the chilly months I practically live in store-bought cardigans and Metalicus tops!  Most of the tops I've made are summer weight, so I'm going to have to allow myself the additional clause to wear my trench coat on any day that is a bit chilly!  I've also realised that most of my handmade separates have been made to "go with" an existing store-bought item that I've had for years. Matching up my handmade separates will be an interesting exercise, please be kind if you think one of my ensembles isn't up to scratch...!  Of course I have some tops that go with all the skirts and pants, and vice versa, and some separates that are difficult...  Also I've got quite a few dresses that haven't seen the light of day for months... why?  because I don't like them anymore.  Obviously I've got current favourites I've been wearing a lot lately and should be mixing up more...  I was debating with myself whether to go ahead and wear some less-than-favourite dresses during September, or to keep some back for reserves, or to ruthlessly evict them from my wardrobe...  no one's getting evicted just yet, but may have to get together a Salvo's bag or add to the refashioning pile next month, sigh...
This skirt is part of my standard go-to (seen here) for when we go to live theatre or the ballet... it's very warm (to survive air-conditioning!) and perhaps a little too luxe for day-wear.  However, put it on for today anyway...  this look is inspired by the latest looks in Australian Vogue; the full skirts with prim blouses, little button up cardigans and "rockabilly" shoes.  This is the fullest skirt I've got!

Skirt; Vogue 8296 view B, (expensive!) cream printed wool from Astratex
Top; Brown Sugar
Cardigan; Allure
Socks; (stolen from husband!) Discoverer
Boots; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. I think that skirt is gorgeous. It is wool you say? Beautiful!

  2. I think it's the perfect amount of fullness. Love the print.


  3. this picture is lovely! Seriously, you have such scenery within walking distance of your house?

    I'm amazed at your challenge ... I think I will try to do completely handmade every now and then, but I couldn't do it every day, at least with no repeats. Not yet anyway, maybe one day. Though it does help that September is still really just an extension of summer here (though with the heat a bit more tolerable.)

  4. Oh, that skirt is just beautiful, especially against the lovely background.
    Have a great day,
    ps:check your PR mail :-)

  5. Now that is a lovely skirt. My interpretation of SSS is that you wear at least one self stitched item. I also wear of a lot of Metallicus layers.