Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jacket inspired by ?

Well, I've reduced my refashioning bag by one half of an item; being that the pockets of this new jacket used up one leg of Sam's old khaki corduroy pants that had holes in the knees...  so I'm gettin' somewhere, if not very fast!!  I also managed to use up some stash fabric, which I've decided I don't like very much...  Bit of a story behind this fabric; well, I've had a failure.  I don't like to dwell on failures, but I'll just mention it briefly then move quickly and smoothly right along and it will be in the past, never to be referred to again.  Right?  Right.
Well, I had downloaded a free Alexander McQueen jacket pattern at some point, the link is here; if anyone wishes to torture themselves with nightmare-ishly difficult patterns then feel free to go for it...  I think I missed out on some key page of the instructions, because after two attempts with lots of unpicking I still had something looking like this...
Hideous, no?  Well, we live and learn... I might still have another go at this pattern, using fabric that is not patterned, not so loosely woven and not a wee bit stretchy, all three qualities contributing to a very bad jacket-making experience.
So instead I stitched up the below very simple jacket pattern of my own design.  I don't love this jacket.  I think it will be OK for casual warmth when I'm walking the dog, maybe I will come to love it more with use.  Its problematic genesis has prejudiced me against it, poor thing.
I basically copied the pocket design off a designer jacket I saw in Vogue magazine (although my pockets are not as ginormous, and the purpose of mine is to cover up seams of patched together fabric), but I don't know who the original designer is, if anyone recognises it and can tell me I will gladly acknowledge the source...

Jacket; pattern drafted by me, pockets from Sam's old childhood pants
Jeans; Country Road (these are going in the refashioning bag too, soon)
Top; Country Road
Shoes; Lute, from Betts and Betts


  1. Awesome re-fashion! I love the jacket!

  2. I think it's always good rescue your failures! I like the jacket, although it's quite a different look for you. It looks a bit oudoor-sy with the jeans, maybe you would like it better styled a bit more lady-like (I'm thinking black pencil skirt and black thights with nice heels, like a slightly dressier and more mature version of the Vogue picture). By the way, there's 'Alexa Chung' printed over that picture, wouldn't that be the designer?

  3. Great save! I think it' such a stylish jacket and hope it grows on you as the bad memories fade :)

  4. Thankyou! Lauriana I will be sure to try out your styling suggestion, thanks! And with regard to the original jacket's designer, Alexa Chung is the name of the celebrity wearing the jacket in that photo, not the designer...

  5. Gorgeous! Two fabrics match very well.

  6. Hm, you can tell I'm not so into the whole celebrity-thing, can't you? ;-)

  7. What an amazing jacket. I want to make one. So cute.


  8. I really like the pockets. You're right, though, the plaid with the details really makes it look like a rugged outdoor jacket. Or a curling up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and your dog warming your toes (maybe along with some of those fabulous wool socks you make?) The first try is ... interesting. How frustrating !! I'm thoroughly impressed with your "save" and your own design, of course.

    Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday! One ought to concentrate on one's blessings, not one's perceived flaws :)

  9. It is a very stylish jacket and it looks great on you!