Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leopard twin-set; 6 different ways

I haven’t done one of these for a while and I just felt like doing another one, thanks to my enthusiasm for my new leopard print twinset!
I foresee the future usefulness and versatility of this twin-set is in the fabric and the print.  Firstly the jersey is close knit and of high quality that looks quite luxe; and here I’m just going to say I reckon it pays off in the long run to spend a little more on quality fabrics.   Your clothes will last longer, they will look better, and most importantly you will look better in them too!  Isn’t the time and effort you put into your dressmaking worth a good quality fabric?
Secondly the print is a mix of ivory, grey, charcoal and just a touch of black, a particularly useful colour combination to have in a print.  I don’t know about other ladies, but I have a lot of solid colour neutrals in my wardrobe and not many prints.  Although I love neutrals with a passion, just occasionally I feel I look a little uninspired and dull when I wear them as a set of unrelieved solids.  Every now and then a print, and particularly an exotic print like this, is what is needed to refresh and add a touch of interest to a mix of blocked neutral solids…
Of course the beauty of a twin-set is that it can be split, the top and the cardigan can work separately with other garments as well as, natch, together.  Is this cheating, doing a six way styling feature using essentially two garments?  Well I don’t think so… anyway here ‘tis…
When going casz, the top and cardigan works just as well for summer and winter...
At left, when a tiny bit more chic-ness is required, say for shopping or running errands about the neighbourhood; and at right, for the first time I've included an option for business attire!  I don't have very much need for business wear in my lifestyle, but I think this combo is smart enough for this purpose...
And for a more dressy option when say, meeting friends or the husband for lunch, or going out in the evening (the ensemble at right is how I wore it last Saturday night for a soccer wind-up dinner and presentation at Sam's school, he won fairest and best trophy for his team!! so proud... )


  1. Number two is my fave but they're all inspiring. And I hear you on the neutrals, whenever I go fabric shopping The Hubby will say, "MORE brown fabric?" What can I say, brown loves me.

  2. "I reckon it pays off in the long run to spend a little more on quality fabrics. Your clothes will last longer, they will look better, and most importantly you will look better in them too! Isn’t the time and effort you put into your dressmaking worth a good quality fabric?"

    You have a good point. I never thought of it that way. I will for now on, though.

    I love it when you do the six-different-ways photos. It gives me great ideas on how to combine different pieces.This set is my favorite of the ones you've done before. All of the looks are great. You look like you should be in a magazine. In one of the comments on my blog in the interview I did with you, one of the commenters mentioned that you have a model-type body. I agree.


  3. Oh, and congrats to your son. That's really awesome.

  4. Me again. My personal favorites are the one with the shorts and hat, the black dress where you are looking at a cell phone and the white skirt and black wide belt.

  5. I love all your "6 different ways" posts.... awesome ways to style up your clothes! I might have to steal- err, borrow that idea one day... ;)

  6. ooo... I love, love, love it with the white skirt and big belt. Yup I am now sitting here with serious belt envy.

  7. the fabric itself isn't very beutiful to me, but i really like some of your outfits, especially the one with black dress. and first one is very interesting too.

  8. leopard print is in!
    so lovely.

  9. Oh, I love these posts,so many ideas!! A print with neutral colors, of course that would be useful to have in one's wardrobe. I will have to keep my eyes open!

    I like the white dress, with the umbrella, so cute. And the sheath dress with the print under? That one is lovely too. And the white skirt and the big belt over, that's a really fun look too. you are giving me some ideas over here!

    Funny, your fireplace is like mine ... we'll really enjoy it come the colder weather. It's actually gas logs which we weren't keen on,having had a real wood one before, in our first house, but this will be alot easier to clean, and hence will probably get more use. It will make the living area so cozy.

  10. I like number two best. But I know nothing. Literally. Nothing. Good stuff anyhow.

  11. Nice! The two ones up top are my favourites. Especially the one on the right hand side.
    It's amazing how pieces of clothing are totally transformed when you team them up with different clothes and accessories!

  12. I love your '6 different ways' posts and i love your leopard print twin-set.