Friday, August 20, 2010

Moebius strip, in wearable form

Oh, I finished a new scarf.  Or cowl, more accurately.  A ginormous cowl.  I finished it a coupla weeks back and put it in one of my photos yesterday, in the outfit that seemed to have been the most popular with my kind commenters. (and thanks all, for your comments!  I do love comments!)  But the cowl hasn't been properly introduced here, so here it is in its own showcase post.  I used about six and a half of the ten balls of Patons Jet 100% wool I bought at the beginning of winter, and after this and the Snow Bunny beanie still have about two and a half balls left, what to make next?  Thinking maybe legwarmers....? Hmm.
Cast on 50 stitches, K2 P2 ad infinitum until one reaches the required length.  Mine is roughly 175cm long.  Then I sewed the ends together.  Oh, and I put one twist in the scarf before sewing up, so it's really a giant Moebius strip rather than a loop.  I like it with two drapes around the neck, but it's easily long enough for three drapes if I want.  It becomes more of a big pseudo-turtleneck collar with three loops.
Seen on my walk this morning below: definitely signs of spring in the air, the arrival of the cygnets.  I love watching the new batches of cygnets grow into adulthood.  

Skirt; my own design variations, based on Vogue 7303, pale pink damask
Top; Country Road
Trench; Burda 7786, modified to be double breasted and with added tabs, beige cotton
Scarf; my own design, cream wool
Boots; Andrea and Joen, from Uggies


  1. You did a beautiful job on your scarf.


  2. The scharf look fabulously on you. :))

  3. Love it. Looks like it's like wearing a warm cloud around your neck on a cold winters day...
    Even thiugh I stayed in Australia for a full year I'm intrigued by the fact that we have reversed seasons... autumn is in the air here now (though it's still summer) and looking at your pictures actually makes me feel a bit nostalgic about crisp autumn days... thank you!

  4. I love the moebius scarf! I tried to make one last year, but ran out of yarn, so it was too short. I gave it to my mom for Christmas and she wears it more as a cowl/hood.

    This is making me want to try it again, tho. I love "mindless/non-pattern" knitting. It makes it easier to drink wine and watch TV while doing it. :)

    Oh, and I'm a late weigh-in on the leopard post. I adore the 6-ways posts! They always inspire me to shake up my wardrobe. And of course, I'm LOVING the animal print. You can rock it, lady!

  5. That scarf is so perfect for fall - this is going to be the season of chunky knits. Mobious strips remind me of being in like, 3rd grade, hehehe.

    xoxo, Ashley

  6. Mmmm, this must be super warm if you loop it three times.

    The cygnets are such a neat looking bird. How fun to watch them raise their broods ...

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments!
    Just a belated explanatory note: the birds are black swans, and "cygnet" is the term for their young...

  8. Very nice! I like the entire outfit, but perhaps the skirt the most. Thank you for sharing. PS Nice photo composition...the tree behind you is amazing!

  9. Oh wow! I really love your scarf! I use to knit scarves quite a lot but haven't done any knitting for ages. I'm in awe!!