Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New use for a hole-y old top

Another re-fashioning project has been completed... yay...
This pure wool top is a pretty shade of pink but had developed some nasty big holes over summer storage.  I continued to wear it as a thermal for a while, with its pink edges peeping out and adding a layer of colour to other ensembles but then as the holes got awfully big I sadly accepted it was too raggedy and resigned it to the re-fashioning bag ... (you can see one BIG hole centre front lower edge, but trust me, there's about four other littler ones lurking about there too...)
Firstly chopped its arms off.
I cut some thumb holes in the ends at the correct "thumb" height and overstitched the edges of these holes to finish.  Then finished off the cut top edges of the sleeves with an elastic zig-zag stitch.
(Oh, please excuse the weird Adam-reaching-out-to-the-hand-of-God-from-the-ceiling-of-the-Sistine-Chapel pose, tried to achieve a naturalistic hand position and failed, sorry!  At least you can see the buttonhole-bound thumb holes...)
With the hole-y body of the top I removed the neck edge, and cut off the side seams.
Opened out the top and bottom of the top (still hinged at the shoulder seams) and cut right up the middle, being careful to leave enough width at the ends of the loop.  I also rounded off the square edges of the loop and cut out the hole that was really big.
Dunked the new scarf in HOT soapy water and did plenty of whooshing about (it's a technical term) to felt up those raw edges as much as possible (have you ever tried to take a photo of your other hand swooshing fabric about in a bucket?  It's a little like the rubbing-the-tummy-while-patting-the-head thing; the same kinda tricky feeling...)
Voila; new hand warmers and a sort of artsy scarf...!  This is a good way to re-use an old top that is a colour you love.

Handwarmers and scarf; refashioned from wool top
Skirt; Vogue 7856 view B with some added skirt bits, grey and black printed cotton
Top and cardigan; Country Road
Boots; Andrea and Joen; from Uggies


  1. I like the armwarmers! I've done something like that with old socks for running in the cooler weather - my hands and arms seem to get cold first. Not as fashionable as yours, though!!

  2. And artsy scarf and an artsy skirt make for a very fun ensemble. And I love baby pink, probably because it looks so good with brown and turquoise. *swoon*

    Also, thank you for all the heartfelt comment son my blog, it's so nice to hear from someone who's been there!

  3. Very clever and cute.


  4. Pretty! And a wonderful way to upcycle a garment.