Monday, August 30, 2010

Semi-Fauve socks

Just in time to see in the last days of winter (yay!) last night I finished some new SOCKS!!  I'm dubbing these the "Semi-Fauve socks"; as obviously only half of each sock bears the wild vivid gaudy colours that was one of the the hallmarks of the Fauve school of artists.  From the heel down to the toe is knitted in Koigu KPM sock yarn, colour 2410, a more sombre but still intense navy blue.
He he, before starting these I needed to divide the remainder of the ball of Noro Kureyon sock yarn (colour S102) equally for the two socks, so unwound the ball completely, and started measuring and dividing and of course got into a horrible hopeless tangle...!  When he saw me painstakingly teasing out the tangles centimetre by centimetre my husband just laughed but I persisted until the whole gnarled mess had been teased apart and wound up into two little balls of equal yardage.  Took at least half an hour...  Yes, I am that stubborn and obsessive when I put my mind to it...  and I loathe waste...  As I did it I was reassuring myself the entire time that I was helping stave off Alzheimers.  Isn't the performance of small hand-eye co-ordination tasks that require focus and concentration supposed to help keep your brain functioning optimally?  Well I hope so, because if so then knitting my own socks is sure to be giving me a few extra years of lucidity...!


  1. Lovely socks! I like the combination of yarns.

  2. oh, these are really pretty! I might have done the same thing with the yarn, and my hubby too would have laughed a bit. :)

  3. These are neat color-blocked socks. Once again, I am wishing I could knit!