Thursday, August 26, 2010

Style Statements...

Personal style blogs, anyone?  Personally, I adore personal style blogs.
I just love to look at clothing choices, how people interpret and use fashion, and am fascinated by the ability of clothes to express one's personality somehow.  People-watching is such a fun and interesting thing to do, because you can really tell such a lot about someone, simply by the clothes they have chosen to wear...
Lately I've been toying with the idea of composing a personal style sentence for myself, just for fun.  I do think I've got a distinct style, and this blog is partly to help me determine what it is (you'd think at my age I'd know by now, yeah)  A personal style sentence would help me make choices in clothing, and everything else, that I won't regret later, both in shopping for ready-made as well as in my sewing endeavours.
I've already had some debate with Mum and Cassie, about each of our own style sentences, but none of us are satisfied with what we've come up with.  I thought mine could include the word "sporty" but Cassie disagreed strongly.  It's because she associates the word "sporty" with tracksuits, which I NEVER (ever ever) wear... but I am outdoors a lot and am reasonably active in my life so I think "sporty" could be in there somewhere.  "Polished sporty"?  Hmmm.  Have to give it more thought... but so far I've come up with some adjectives to play with: natural, simple, sporty-but-not-of-the-tracksuit-variety (outdoors-y?)...
I once read about a two-woman company, Carrie & Danielle, who assess people's lifestyles and come up with a two word Style Statement to describe them.  Just two!  As an example; Modern Luminous.  The first word describes your core; the second word is your creative edge.  It's a kind of style sound-bite, or mantra that is designed to streamline your consumption choices.  (Oh, and it's nice to know it's all positive; no one is classified as Grumpy Stress-bunny, or Whiny Neurotic...phew) While a small cynical side of me rolls my eyes at the narcissistic desire to categorise oneself, the other side of me is attracted to just that.  So part of me is "how silly" and the other part of me would just  love to know what my two words are...!
Afterthought: this was my ensemble for today's agenda of dog-walking and bike-riding, followed by grocery-shopping and a smidge of office work.  It was good to be out and about on such a glorious day.  (and looking forward to the final of the Ben Cousins' documentary tonight...)


Cardigan; refashioned by me from husband's old jumper, which has already stretched and is overlapped decoratively and fastened with a pin to a new better fitting position
Top; Sexy Woman, found secondhand
Jeans; Soon
Pony necklace; souvenir from girls' weekend away, some little shop in Melbourne
Boots; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. Hi Carolyn. Two words for your style? That is easy! Casual Elegance! You put your own personal edge into everything you create and wear, and you are an inspiration to all!

  2. When I think of your fabulous style, the two words are: funky natural.

  3. First two words that popped into my mind: Feminine Ease.
    Well, looks like you have SiX words to describe your style... for now. Haha :)

  4. I was going to go for 'outdoor-sy chic' so that makes 8. I think they're all along the same lines though, so that seems to be how we, your readers, see your style: easy, casual and outdoor-sy but also definately femine, elegant and chic.
    I know how hard it is to sum up your own style in a few words. I had to do that in 3 in the questionaire for the Burdastyle Book. There were 10 questions and I spend most time on that one.

  5. I like the idea of just two words to describe one's style. Mmm. The Classy Eclectic.


  6. Hmm.... Eclectic sporty? What a fun exercise!

  7. Hmmm, I'll be interested to see what you come up with. I would have no idea where to start for mine ... I still laugh that the top is from"sexy woman" though I should not laugh too hard after what I named my blog.

    you look very comfy ... and stylish at the same time.

  8. You're style is fabulous! I love seeing your outfit posts because even though we're in different climates and of different age groups, you're outfits are always casual and chic, simple with a little twist. Everyone can appreciate that.

    Plus, ever since your twinset posts, I've been obsessed with finding a similar jersey to make my own.

  9. Having a style blog and reading so many others has just really changed my perspective on myself and on dressing. I feel so much more inspired by the items and my closet and I'm putting things together in totally new ways. Welcome to the ride!

  10. You've had some great suggestions for your style already.
    I think a better alternative for 'sporty' would be 'active' perhaps... You are definitely a mix ... how about casual chic?
    That's a great post... definitely interesting to see how others categorise your style.