Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chambray shirt

After finishing my chambray/denim dress I had a leetle bit of the fabric leftover, too much for scraps, not enough for another garment.  I had enough for the fronts of this shirt.  So then had to go back for some more fabric to cut out the entire shirt...  (and now still have a tad of the fabric leftover,  mama mia, a recurring vicious cycle, how to use constructively and efficiently all the leftovers...?!)
I made this shirt using Burda 7767, my go-to menswear shirt that I've made up seven times in all now for the men in my family, this is such a great easy pattern...  Obviously I sized it to fit me this time...  other variations were to add two breast pockets with flaps, sleeve tabs to enable me roll up the sleeves (probably permanently), and to use snap closures throughout in leiu of buttons. I like the more casual "jeans-y" feel the snap closures give to a denim shirt.  Although these particular ones from Spotlight were just hell to put in, I strongly suspect the wrong "tool" was enclosed in this particular batch, and unfortunately I couldn't locate the correct tool which I know I have floating around in my haberdashery collection somewhere...  but I was impatient to finish the shirt so just made do with the one provided.
Obviously the other variation I made to the pattern was to have the fronts lapping over the opposite way to a men's shirt...  it would be nice to know the reason behind this strange custom.  Does anyone know the reason why mens' shirts button up in a different way to womens' shirts????  I'd really like to know...
I made these white linen pants last summer? or the summer before?, I make a new pair every year so they all kinda blend in... to see them properly and in full length go here...
Don't you just love the clouds?  We are expecting some rain soon, woooheee, finally!  Everyone here is desperate for rain!

Shirt; Burda 7767 with minor modification, blue chambray
Pants; self drafted, white linen
Shoes; Country Road


  1. Denim is everywhere!!!!!! WHY NOW BLOGLAND!? ;)
    Yes I am born & bred 'over there' actually... I only moved 'over here' 3.5yrs ago when I got married.
    I have been trying to figure out if I recognise any of the places you take your pics at ... fun little game I play...
    drop me a line sometime then :D

  2. Re the buttons, apparently in Days Of Yore, men dressed themselves, but women, in their restrictive clothes, relied on their maids to dress them. Most maids being right handed, it was easier for the maid to face her Lady and do up the buttons if they were on the opposite side to usual. That's what I have read anyway.
    Chambray is back?? I remember it from my Days Of Yore!! Nice trousers. I am about to try my hand, once more, at some trousers that might fit me!!

  3. Lovely shirt, and goes so well with both your pants and the clouds :-) Hope you get rain soon. Here in the high desert, we are cooling off for fall and it is very nippy in the mornings now.

  4. Love how you've turned this man's shirt pattern into a shirt for yourself. It looks very nice.


  5. Nice shirt. I've been thinking about trying my men's shirt block for myself, but I keep shying away from it. Great to see it done and look so well!
    About the button, I've read the same story as 2paw, but I've seen it denied in other texts. There, it was pointed out that for the wealthy, both men and women would be dressed and the poor always dressed themselves. Although, to me, it would make sense that in Victorian times middle class women might have had help while their men dressed themselves. The other theory I've read has to to with riding: women would ride side-saddle, which meant they would be on the horse with one of their sides facing forward. Apperently, women's clothes button right over left so the stable boy holding the horse couldn't look in (and maybe to prevent wind-chill? Going out on a limb here).
    I would be very interested to know when this 'rule' actually started, since most stories seem to be about the Victorian era but buttoned garments for men and women have been around a lot longer. I'll look through my fashion history books.

  6. Oh, lovely comfy outfit. I love button up shirts. Hey, if you come up with a good idea for the scrap vicious cycle, please do share... I have loads of 'em from various things. I think I will make a scrap quilt at some point. In the meantime I have bins and bins of stuff. Eep.

    Hope you get rain. We are getting lots of rain all week, the outer bits of hurricane Hermine ... Wish I could send you some.

    The cloud picture is lovely, almost the same colors as your outfit, no?

  7. I just adore a good men's shirt. You're going to get lots of good mileage out of that one, too.

    Your pix are gorgeous. And if you want rain, I'll send some over. We get a TON here in Portland. I'd be more than happy to share. :)

  8. Great shirt. And I love the picture with your hair blowing in the wind. Makes me want to take a trip to the sea :-)

  9. If your still interested in the button-debate, I did find some information in my books and posted about it here: http://petitmainsauvage.blogspot.com/2010/09/for-carolyn.html

  10. A simple fresh spring-like outfit. Looks perfect for your day. We too need rain. Bring it on!

  11. I have seen denim shirts everywhere - I love that you sewed your own. It's great!

  12. Great shirt - perhaps you could make a hat with the left over fabric?

  13. Fabulous shirt. Just the sort of thing I love to wear. (Dad too) It looks great with the white trousers. Very summery. What a marvelous seamstress.