Saturday, September 18, 2010

Domestic diva II

Captain's log: Self Stitched September, Day 18; finding my no-double-up rule for this month tough...
Yes, I know this is self-imposed and I don't have to, but I'm stubborn that way and will see it through.  Heaven knows, I have enough clothes.  It's just making oneself wear some of the lurkers; garments that have been shoved back to languish in the far rear corner of the wardrobe...
There is actually nothing wrong with this dress.  It doesn't deserve to be a lurker.  In fact the fabric is Gorgeous, capital intended.  In the close-up below can be seen the detail; sequins, silk embroidery, velvet/chenille ribbon threaded through, tiny cylindrical wooden beading...  the design is exquisite.  The fabric was a remnant from my favourite shop; Fabulous Fabrics.  The problem is in the pattern.  I just felt frumpy whenever I put it on.  This morning I decided it was the combination of the high collar with the general shapelessness of the dress that made me feel that way, so I did a bit of pinning and refitting and resewed the side seams to make it more form-fitting (Marilyn-esque? even though I hesitate to bring a mental image of such a bombshell to the reader's mind when my more ordinary silhouette is there for comparison...!)   But now I feel far less "mother-of-the-bride", and will hopefully wear this dress a lot more, like it deserves...
This evening we are going to the ballet, so I required a dress that would pass muster for this classy event.  When I went out during the day I just left off the stole and popped my trench coat on over...  The stole is simply a length of fake, fluffy fur that I just narrow zig-zagged along the cut edges... it is the perfectly warm and slightly glamourous evening wrap.
And yesterday saw my son Sam off at the airport for his big trip, he is off to France!  Exciting for him, but I will admit to a slightly choked-up moment at the departure gate... and I'm missing him already!  Funny, on the way home from the airport in the car I glanced at the car clock and a thought popped into my head; must get home, Sam will be coming home from school soon! then realised immediately.  Oh.

Dress; Vogue 2538, sequinned and beaded silk
Stole; strip of fluffy stuff, edges narrow zig-zagged
Shoes; akiel, op shop


  1. That dress definitely deserves to see the light of day. And lovely stole.

    I know I would be sad sending my child off on a big trip, too. Hope he has a wonderful time. Hang in there. Chin up.

    I sort of gave you an award on my blog. You'll have to read it to see what I mean.

    Here is what one of my commenters had to say about you:

    "Donna said...
    PS. I loved visiting Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn! Wow, I plan to visit again. She really inspired me to dress better. I'm so bad about not taking the trouble to really dress up. Loved it!!"

    SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 8:39 AM

  2. Carolyn, I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow and know that you son is having a wonderful time in France. Love your dress today and am in awe of your style.

  3. Carolyn, I know just how you feel! I have four sons, ages 16-24. I've had to send them off to many a far off place. It's a little scary as they grow up and head off into the world isn't it? My first one is a Marine. I homeschooled him all his life and when he left for boot camp, shortly after graduation, that was it. Not one phone call allowed. No cell phones. All I could do was write and pray he was OK.

    My fourth one, who is 18, went to New York with a group of four friends to an economics seminar. I was so nervous! In fact, they all got stuck at the airport on the way home and there was nothing we moms could do!

    But you know, they were JUST FINE! Most of our kids have good heads on their shoulders. I know you will miss Sam, but what a wonderful privilege to get to go to France! Wow!

    I ADORE the dress you are wearing. Who takes your photos? Hubby? How do you ever think of the right place for the picture? You look super!

    PS. I do also have a sewing blog, it's I don't keep up with it a lot. I just use it to catalog whatever I'm working with at the moment. :o)

  4. Oh Carolyn, I can imagine it's hard to know he's going so far away. *hug*

    You look beautiful, by the way. As always. The fit of the dress is great now, it shows off your good shape.

  5. Hope you're having a better day today :)

    The dress and stole look gorgeous. You definitely should wear it more often.

  6. Oh, lovely. You are right, the fabric must be worn!

    Hope your son has safe travels and a wonderful time in France!

  7. Oh my, that fabric *is8 beautiful! I enjoy hearing about all of your activities: the ballet, a cocktail party, ladies' tea, costume parades (not sure what those are, I assume it's an Australian phrase)... I live vicariously through your social life.

  8. Rabbitstyle; a fashion parade is when a store or designer shows the best of their new season's offerings as a kind of "show" on professional models. Some have a catwalk and a seated audience, but the ones I have been to this season have all been associated with formal sit-down lunches in a restaurant, where the models walk up and down amongst the tables, pausing to show diners the garments and details such as shoes and handbags too, while a commentator talks about the clothes and fashion in general. We have a lot of them in Perth.

  9. This is such a gorgeous dress. It is very flattering on you!
    When I went on my first overseas trip mum cried at the airport. I was fine. Then the plane took off and I looked out the window and realised how far away I was going -- and balled my eyes out!!!
    I hope your son is enjoying himself and bringing you home some gorgeous fabric from France..