Monday, September 20, 2010

Domestic diva IV

Hmmm, so you can tell I'm getting a bit jaded with my usual photo spots lately?  Just jazzing it up around my own home at the present... and trying to inject a bit more fun into this daily fashion post thing!   I'm impressed with how fashion bloggers manage to do it and maintain interest...
For today's Self-Stitched September effort; a purple sheath dress, made using Burda 8511, with my fitted-to-me custom fitting modifications.   And altered zip placement.  And incorporation of a full lining.  And a different neckline and hemline.  Just minor modifications...  Lol, I read once about someone who had bought a whole new sheath dress pattern, just because they liked the slightly different cut of the neckline to the one on the dress patterns they already had...?!  why you would get a whole new pattern just for this is ... well, it's unnecessary of course.
And the retro-swirly tights, first seen here.  With a major modification (hehe, new pattern not necessary for this!)... I chopped the feet off, and hemmed at ankle length instead.  I decided they'd be a little more useful and kinda more interesting to wear this way.  I had a lot of requests on Burdastyle to publish a pattern for these; well, a leggings pattern graded to suit everybody is beyond my amateurish capabilities, but I thought I'd do a little tutorial soon on how to draft one's own leggings pattern to fit yourself at some stage... after this month is up.  This isn't a difficult procedure and is a quick and easy project.  I promise.  Stay tuned.

Dress; Burda 8511, minor modifications, purple/blue raw silk
Leggings; self drafted, printed jersey knit
Shoes; Perrini, had forever


  1. I am having fun viewing your "Domestic Diva" series. I was swooning over these "tights" when you first posted them and they are even better as leggings. I love them with the purple sheath.

    PS: Hawaii does stay pretty much the same temp year round, very temperate and balmy. But when you live in the higher elevations it does get a bit cooler in the evenings and mornings during the fall/ winter. One year we even got snow on the top of Haleakala, which is a little over 10,000 ft.

  2. Your Domestic Diva series is FUN! What will you do tomorrow??
    Love the dress... love the colour... sounding like a broken record ... love love love!

  3. These are such fun photos. I love the outfit, excellent tights.

  4. I love this dress and leggings. Thanks so much for your comment on my shorts, i will try those adjustments the next time i make them.

  5. The domestic series is very fun. I get a chuckle every time you do one. And those leggings are super fun. I love how wild and colorful they are.


  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! This outfit is hot! I Love the leggings.

  7. mmm, I am really looking forward to a tutorial on making your own leggings. I didn't realize your swirly tights had purple in them. Fun fun! Your photos are making me laugh, yet again.