Saturday, September 25, 2010

Domestic diva IX

Post celebratory let-down; I did have a lovely day yesterday, and thankyou so much for your lovely birthday wishes!  Hmmm, re this morning's outfit; both old favourites.  Both of these pieces I contemplated throwing out last summer and both got a last minute stay of execution.  Later I was so glad I hung on to both of them.  These are the sorts of clothes that are definitely me.  Maybe looking a little old-fashioned now? but I am feeling the pull of my collection of soft lacy crinkled clothing in dreamy faded colours now the summer days are almost upon us.  The weather is so lovely and warm now! but we are still desperate for rain.
Looked through the wardrobe this morning, and even though there are only six days of self-stitched September to go; not that I'm counting...!  I have probably a dozen more ensembles I could have chosen from.  So I don't know why I'm feeling a melancholic lack of faith in my sewing abilities at the mo.  I do know I really need to clean out my wardrobe...
And yes, I did skim the pool and do a few hours yardwork in this outfit, but sans heels of course.  Heels and gardening are not an efficient match.  I put the heels on again afterwards.  Domestic divas need to keep up appearances...

Skirt; Vogue 7880 view B, sage green self-embroidered cotton
Top; Butterick 4985, cream broderie anglaise cheesecloth with random lace overlays and crocheted lace ties
Scarf; refashioned old jumper, cut up and felted, see here for tutorial
Hat; Country Road
Sandals; akiel, op shop


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! (Where was I yesterday?) I love this outfit and pic too!!! Great skirt. :)

  2. It's a great outfit, good that you didn't throw it out. I love these soft colours, they have a bit of a romantic feel, very nice!

    Oh and to have your own pool, that sounds divine!

  3. I love this Domestic Diva Series. I hope it doesn't end too soon. It's really fun. You have got to be the most stylish domestic diva there is and certainly that I know of. How amazing that you actually did yard work for hours dressed so nicely. I was so flustered yesterday, I am so sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, an oversight on my part. I'm back in my right mind now; so happy birthday!


  4. I like the romantic feel to this outfit. I really hope it is not old fashioned, as I definitely own the skirt pattern, and I am almost sure I have the blouse pattern, but have yet to make them up. You are very inspiring.

  5. Those designs really suit you - have have the right proportions for them. And I'm glad you did actually clean the pool ... keep up the great work!

  6. I love the feminine, soft style of the outfit. The hat is gorgeous. I just bought a white hat for summer but it is cowboy style... YEEHARR... I think I need one like yours now.
    Did you watch the grand final?? What a result!!

  7. You certainly rocked that outfit, especially the skirt.

  8. Oh, I like this! good thing you didn't discard...

    I've given away several things that I regret now, especially since I've discovered refashioning and have become a leeeetle more creative in "Styling" different pieces. There's a couple I wish I still had in the closet. Oh well, surely someone else is enjoying them now.