Friday, September 24, 2010

Domestic diva VIII

For those of you wondering if the domestic diva series is nought but a ploy then wonder no more, for I do actually do housework around my house as well as sewing, er which OK admittedly has got unnecessarily high priority in the scheme of things.  And my pretty pale pink iced chocolate mud cake, baked today here in my kitchen by me and pictured below will definitely go to good use, later on I may put some little pink and white striped candles on it, light them, wait for my family to sing me a little song, and then blow the candles out.  Yes, today is the one day in the year reserved for my turn at this particular activity...
I have been showered with birthday pressies and spoiled rotten by my friends and family, which is a nice thing for a domestic diva, no?
To celebrate in the sartorial way, I am wearing some of my favourite creations; the pale pink skirt which, like my blue patchwork skirt the other day, was created mostly patternless in a maelstrom of frantic sewing activity one magical day when I was hit by an urgent inspiration; and miraculously turned out just the way I envisioned it, this is not always a foregone conclusion.  To see this skirt styled in six different ways, see here.
My top is my own design, made from a pair of old three quarter pants, for the original story, see here.
I did not make the adorable little brooch, it was a birthday gift from my dear friend S.  This comes from a range made in Western Australian using a bits of old china plates to make new and very pretty and whimsical decorative items.  Isn't it sweet?

Skirt; partly Vogue7303, mostly my own design, pale pink damask
Top; my own design, charcoal linen/cotton mix, seen first here
Shoes; Vicenza, from Soletta shoes
Pin; Mashida, gift from a friend
Roses; gift from my husband


  1. Ok OK, but did you mow the lawn??? Fabulous outfit - you are so clever and stylish .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY - enjoy the yummy cake! And I have some of that jewelery - she was at a Sydney Stitches and Craft Show one year - totally clever!

  2. Happy birthday, Carolyn! You look lovely, as always. The cake looks delicious. I wish you many more wonderful years, filled with laughter, creativity and, most important, lots of love.

  3. Happy Birthday Darling, you look stunning. Definately not a housework outfit. I love both the skirt and the remake to. Have a great day

  4. Happy Birthday! Love this outfit...have a wonderful day.

    Hope you had an awesome day/night. You look gorgeous, so does that cake. Yum.
    I esp love that top and can't believe it's a refashion! :)
    Have a great weekend. xo

  6. Wow, great outfit! I love both pieces and the color combo.

  7. I love this outfit. Happy Birthday. Wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Or ginger ale and tunafish sandwiches. (That's my lunch. LOL)

  8. Happy Birthday! Cute outfit and very yummy looking cake!


  9. Oh my goodness! My brother sent my mom a pendant made from a bit of old porcelain (the pattern she had when we were kids) from Australia last Christmas. I wonder if it's the same company?

    I love your Domestic Diva series. I have to admit, if I tried to imitate it, the result would be more like "domestic disasters", though.

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Your outfit is wonderful again. I cannot help comparingyour post- cake decorating kitchen with how mine would look.... Do you have utterly cool aprons as well?

  11. I love this look and have always admired that shirt. I don't think I have seen the skirt before, but it is just as fantastic as the blouse. Happy Birthday!

  12. Oh, I love the pin, how sweet! And am envying you the "it turned out exactly as I envisioned it" though I have had the feeling once or twice.

    Happy Birthday!!

  13. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day :)

  14. Belatedly, happy birthday. That charcoal grey top is an absolute winner for me. I also must comment on your shoe collection - I'm pretty impressed (and I am an avid shoe collector!).