Monday, September 27, 2010

Domestic diva XI

Hehe, realised that my most loathed domestic duty has not yet been immortalised here; the dreaded office work... (groan)
I used to be an analytical chemist (yes, with a degree n' all...) and so led a reasonably interesting life with every day different from the next in terms of the samples I was required to analyse and for what.  I used my brain; that long neglected part of the body that begs for me to find something new for it to do... poor thing...  Nowadays I run our office mostly from home, and while it is necessary work and somebody has to do it, it is ... just not my forte.  Said lamely...
Once, early in this career sea change, I had finished our tax after dogged hours pouring over paperwork, and had proudly mentioned it to my friend D, a proper accountant.  She replied with touching faith in my abilities "Well, that wouldn't have taken you very long, surely?"    Er, hehe.  Give me a lab with an HPLC and a sample of pesticide with the order to develop a procedure for the identification of, and then determine the purity level thereof, thankyou...
And yes; I often do dress up like this for work, even if I don't have to run out on an office-related errand.  I feel more professional, and Pavlovian-ly think it makes me more efficient.  Said hopefully...

Dress; Vogue 1087, navy blue striped jersey knit, for my review of this pattern see here
Jacket; Simplicity 4698, navy blue raw silk (really should do a review of this wonderful pattern too...)
Shoes; Sandler, op shop


  1. What an impressive job you held. I think it's great that you dress up for work. I'm sure it does help you to get more done. Love what you're wearing, and I'm really lovin' those shoes.


    (pronunciation: In Texas we leave off the "g" in words like loving, getting, cooking, etc. They would be pronounced, lovin', gettin, cookin' and so forth)

  2. So smart. I am sure this outfit speeds up your financial tasks.
    I am not sure how people who work in their pyjamas manage to prevent sleepiness ;). I know I would be snoozing after 10 minutes!

  3. Great outfit. I must confess that I often work in my PJs, especially in winter when it is cold.

  4. .. sample of pesticide.. order to develop a procedure for the identification of.... purity level.....??? I have no idea WHAT you're saying but you look great in the office today! :P

    When I worked in retail many years ago, it obviously did not require much brain use and I found that I use to get this totally whacked out dreams. Then when I started uni and actually USED my brain, the dreams went. Interesting huh.

  5. Sharp, chic and unique. I love it and the shoes!

  6. gogeous outfit and shoes. Looks the part for sure. What of the screwed up papers in the right hand? Thats how I felt when doing the book work.

  7. You look like you could whip any paperwork into shape!

  8. I didn't knew you were a chemist!I have a degree in physics, but my mane interest was exploring materials(optical features of some synthesized carbon derivatives that in the future were expected to be used for OLEDS). I didn't feel I was strong enought there and after finishing university I soon understood: It's not what I really wan't to do with my life". But there are little moment when I miss that...

    The dress looks great. "Office" style suits you very well.

  9. I think dressing does make one more efficient sometimes .... your wad of papers looks just like mine when I reconcile our household accounts and pay bills at the end of the month ... I really don't mind it as much, as say ... cleaning the bathroom, which is probably my most dreaded domestic chore ... but I'm not fond of the bill-paying either...

    I love the striped dress, and the blazer, a copy of that pattern is in my to-do pile, if I can ever get to it...

    You and my hubby would have some fun talking about the vagaries of the HPLC I am sure ... He runs our state plant disease lab and has one of which he does not always speak with great love.... I think I am thinking of the correct machine, though I don't know having a degree in mathematics myself...

    BTW, I enjoyed your last comment...fortunately I have a man who indulges me often with feats of domestic accomplishment, he is a keeper for sure ....

  10. Carolyn, I just love the expression on your face. I hope I look like that when I FINALLY get all the paperwork ready for my accountant. This is our first year to have someone else do it. I prided myself on being able to handle it all...but balancing K1 losses from ten years back with K1 profits...finally, and HSA woes..have done me in. I was a secretary for the assistant director of admissions at a college in Denton. I have to say this photo brought back memories. Ha!