Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gardening gracefully

Today I am wearing a little sundress I made a few years ago, with the intention of it being a beach dress to pop on over bathers.  As it turned out kind of fancy and pretty I've ended up wearing it on loads of different occasions...  I used the halter bodice from McCalls 4453 which is a top pattern, and altered the design to have a side zip opening.  I drafted a skirt that is a sort of faux wrap around design.  Long at the back and with two tapered fronts lapped over each other and both secured in the side seams.  The dress is fully lined with pale pink lining.  I like the softly pretty luminous effect this has under the sheer red swirly pattern of the fashion fabric, which actually has sparkles.  Bonus!  
And the little lace cover-up has been another pretty as well as useful little thing that is my own design and was whipped up on a whim.  
Today I felt the need to be a bit ... colourful and quietly cheerful.  After all life has to be appreciated and celebrated and lived.  With spring springing all around us and new growth bursting relentlessly forward in the garden one cannot push away the quiet and inevitable mechanism of new life.

Dress; partly McCalls 453, partly my own design, pink/red sparkly polyester chiffon
Top; my own design, cut-out embroidered linen
Sandals; Pedro Miralles, from Soletta shoes


  1. I love the white jacket - I've been looking all over Sydney for white Anglaise.

  2. So wonderfully feminine. You amaze me how you can draft your own patterns and whip things out on a whim. Hope to have those skills one day. Love your attitude, of dressing as a way to celebrate and show appreciation for life. You give me so many things to think on and ponder about attitudes toward living and looking one's best even when working in the garden, doing housework or working in the home office. I actually think about the things you say in your posts during the day, trying to make changes in the way I dress even when just changing the baby's diaper or running to the grocery store. Why can't we always look good? Doesn't clothing wash?

  3. ech, poop. My original comment disappeared. This is a really really lovely outfit, I love the eyelet - like jacket (I think we both have a love affair with that.) I like your raised beds. Kevin is going to build me some for veggies after he finishes traveling this fall. I can't wait, I haven't had a garden for 2 1/2 years except in containers while we were renting. I bet working amongst those beautiful flowers is restorative, esp. right now.

  4. A lovely outfit. The lace jacket looks very pretty and useful.

  5. The top is great. I love cut-out embroidered fabrics. And i think that intense pink/red color suits you very well.