Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deep Purple

Busy busy busy...
Have you ever had one of those days in which you race madly from one thing to the next and are receiving phone calls and text messages like on no other day (usually when one is halfway through some transaction or other important thing)
But I still tried to look smart because of a few social things I had happening where I knew everybody else would be looking nice.  I'm dying to get back to my sewing machine... it's been a few days since I did any sewing and am now suffering withdrawals... plus the need to get through a small mountain of new fabric from Melbourne (blush!)
This dress has been such a goodie.  To think I felt unsure when I first made it...  The colour was a departure.  I think the simple unfussy sheath style is a look that suits me.  It's great to just know one's best looks when you are scrabbling about desperately through the wardrobe.   Having a kind of style diary like this blog has helped me with this a lot
Have you ever made or bought something about which you were a leetle doubtful at first and that later became a mainstay in your wardrobe?

Dress; Burda 8511, with modifications for fitting and lining, purple raw silk
Cardigan; Saba, op shop
Scarf; alta linea, gift
Shoes; Sandler, op shop 
Bag; Gucci


  1. Hello, I loved the dress, to understand his own body and style makes it possible to dress with elegance and beauty as you do. I also think its amazing pictures, is the beautiful place where you live, congratulations.


    Eilan - Brazil

  2. I love purple. I think it's a colour you can wear in winter (darker tones) and wear in summer (lighter )...
    Yes I've bought things which looked good in the bright lights of the changeroom, come home, not feeling it anymore... months/years later I get it out and I love it. I can't even remember what they were.
    We had sun again for the 4th day in a row here! I might even go as far as saying it was "hot" YAHOO ! :)


  3. I have had several of those kinds of days. I love a deep purple. You look very smart, and no one would ever know by looking at you that it was a crazy day. You look calm, cool, confident, collected and stylish.

  4. Very often by the time I finish sewing an item, I'm hating it, because I know where things didn't go quite right, or as planned. After it's hung in the closet for a while, I've forgotten the issues that I had, and it gets worn with pleasure.

    Lovely purple colour! You always look amazing.

  5. You look great in purple.
    You like silk.
    You like linen.

    I think we are sisters!


  6. Oh, I love purple with red(-dish) hair! I certainly have those garments - right now I'm wearing the polka dot blouse which during Self-Stitched September miraculously went from "What was I thinking?" to "What would I do without it?"...

  7. mmmm, what a pretty color. I love your hair today!

    I'm often doubtful of the things Kevin really likes, but I'm not so sure about ... but since he likes them I really try to make an effort ... he has certainly expanded my style horizons.

    You know, my orange batik skirt (refashioned from the shorts), I;ve been so surprised at how much I like it. Before that I never thought I could wear orange, and now I have a bunch of orange stuff. I was so surprised to love it so much.

  8. I love this dress, the colour and style are lovely!

  9. the various shades of purple here work well together i think.

  10. You look lovely, very stylish and completely unruffled.

  11. I really like this style and the colour looks great on you.