Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glazed Ginger socks

Finished some new socks!  These are the first out of the sock wool I bought in Melbourne.  This is the own brand produced by the store (now how often do you come across that nowadays, hmmm?) Morris and sons, 100% Australian merino 4-ply.  I ended up buying about eight balls of different autumn-al shades because they were just irresistible, like little warm fluffy balls of autumn.  Just my colours...
These are primarily in Glazed Ginger, or colour 410, but let's face it naming a colour with a number is sterile and boring and completely un-evocative of anything.  I like a little daydreaming with my wool purchases, thankyou.
The biggest concern when knitting socks is how to evenly halve the wool to go between the two socks.  So these were kind of an experiment to see how much "sock" goes into one ball.  I worried one ball might not be enough for the two socks, so I knitted the heels in a bit of another colour.  This one Beluga, another wonderful name bringing to my mind that Bond movie scene where Valentin gets dunked in his own vat of caviar and comes out blackly oily and dripping in expensive sludge...  hehe... Or, if you prefer, colour 430.  Obviously, the toes got finished off in this colour too.  So these socks will provide a measure for how long to knit the other socks, using this Morris sock wool. 
And for this photo-shoot, Zoe contented herself with watching from the sidelines...

Socks; adapted from the Ladies' Sockettes, Patons knitting book C11 (circa 1960-ish), Morris 100% merino in Glazed Ginger and Beluga


  1. Cute socks, and a very cute kitty. Carolyn, a proper thank you is on its way to you for the adorable Christmas decorations. We will be in the southwest at that time so I'll hang them in our travel trailer!

  2. I am always amazed by your tiny knit stitches on your socks. I never commented on the white cotton ones, but I really liked those too.

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  4. I am impressed with your needle skills.

  5. I'm so impressed you made these! You knitters totally amaze me, not gonna lie. They look perfect!