Friday, October 22, 2010

A good hair day

Of course, as every woman knows, a day involving a hair appointment has a high chance of being a good hair day and then, ipso facto,  a very good day indeed.
Having my hair done is a favourite self-indulgence.  Well, OK, ahem, I do have a few self-indulgences (no-one mention shoes, please), but this one is quite high up on my list!  It comes from being incapable of doing my own hair.
At my mum's suggestion I experimented with a new way of wearing this skirt; skirt "m" from the Japanese pattern book "Unique Clothes Any Way You Like" by Natsuno Hiraiwa.  The garments therein are designed to each be worn in a number of different ways.  This skirt is quite unshaped to the body and so can be swivelled around so the zip and er, flap (for want of a better description!) sits anywhere around one's hips.  Today I tried it pushed back in on itself to create a kind of big pocket.  This could make it handy for keys or a tissue, in a pinch!
What do you think?
Below is how it looks with the flap "out".

Skirt; pattern "m", from "Unique Clothes Any Way You Like" by Natsuno Hiraiwa, apricot/grey linen/cotton mix
Top(under) Country Road
Cardigan; Metalicus, secondhand
Scarf; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Designs


  1. Lovely hair day! Mine is Monday!

  2. I can imagine the pocket can be very convenient, but I think I like the skirt better with the 'flap' just hanging down. Your hair looks beautiful!

  3. Hello, take care of yourself is to feel happy ecencial addition to maintaining high self-esteem, it looks great. The skirt is also a great exercío for creativity, I can imagine many ways to use it.
    Thank you for visista on my blog, I was thrilled.


    Eilane - Brazil

  4. Wooo love the hair! Gorgeous.
    I'm the same, I can't do my hair. Always gets me frustrated to see the hairdresser do it so well and I try it and it won't work. One of my pet hates.
    Hey and I LURVE this cool new location! Tell me more. And have a great weekend. :)


  5. Hi Carolyn. You look lovely as usual!Have you seen the latest McCall's pattern's? While looking at them this morning, I came across one that just screamed 'Carolyn'! While it is in their 'easy' category, the overall style and design is so you. I think that with your slim build and height, it would look lovely on you. Please have a look, and let me know what you think!

    it is #M6243. Have a great day!

  6. Love your hair. I prefer it with the flap out.

  7. Hmm, interesting that they can be worn different ways ... are these two the only ways, or are there more iterations to be disclosed? I like the flap out better too.

    As for the endometriosis hypothesis, yes, I got that when I googled too, but the pain is not in my shoulder tip, it wraps around from under my R shoulder blade to under my R breast, in exactly the same location and at the same time as my "fibrocystic" boob pain (including the really tender knot in the R one) . It feels like a muscle cramp, and if I exercise it will tighten up like a vice and send stabbing pains through my chest ... I'd like to avoid that .... My primary care doc thinks it may be related to some deep fibrocystic tissue that swells due to hormonal influences and triggers some nerves or muscle tissue around the ribs .

    the gynecologist did question me about cramping, but I don't have any PMS cramping hardly at all, which also makes endo unlikely. She will do a mammogram but "some women have this pain" really? That interferes with normal life? I feel like she totally blew off the shoulder/chest pain... whatever. :) Sorry to have such a public conversation in your blog comments, and thanks for listening, if we had the decadent tea and cookies (yum!!) I'm sure I would have spilled all that too, and more tears as well. :)

  8. Your hair is gorgeous! I have the same problem regarding hair - just not good at it.

    That skirt is really cute! I like it worn *both* ways!! Flap out seems a bit more "conventional", so it would ddepend on your mood/activity!

  9. Love the hair. I like the skirt both ways - looks like 2 different skirts.

  10. I really can't think of many things I enjoy more than having my hair done. I'm so glad you were able to indulge. Funny, I just had mine done last Saturday. I hadn't been since Mother's Day in May. Regarding your skirt. I like it both ways equally well. It's a super neat design.

  11. I love that skirt!! Am I the lone person who prefers it "in"?

  12. A very nice outfit and the photo gives such a good atmosphere here. and your hair looks really nice.

    I actually don't like going to hair stylists. Although I finally found a person who really understand what I like and what I want, I'm still always afraid that he will make something wrong.