Friday, October 29, 2010

Hoodie McCloud

Don't ask me why the silly name I've dubbed my new hoodie.  I have no explanation myself.  I surprise myself with my inner loon sometimes...
The lovely Mary had a giveaway and sent me this cute hoodie pattern, KwikSew 3667, and this is my first effort.  I just used some unexciting pale grey marle fleece to try it out, but am already in love with the hoodie in this fabric, and this pattern.  It was very very easy to make up.  Probably took oh, about half an hour, cutting included.  Yes!  (air fist punch)  The most difficult part was... no, I'm teasing...  There was nothing difficult about this hoodie!  I am definitely going to make this one up again, and again.  Not that I'm going down the path of ease and comfort above all else, don't worry.  I'm never going to be that gal in the bogan tracky dacks.  And while I do like to be challenged in my dressmaking, but it's also nice to have a quick and easy project every once in a while, a soothing gel to the ego when more difficult projects are getting one down...  
Thankyou so much, Mary!
I'm really liking the way style has not been sacrificed on the altar of comfort in this pattern; I think this loose and simple shape is very chic and "now" while still being evening-on-the-sofa worthy.  Look at the below shots from the Dries Van Noten Fall 2010 and Celine Spring 2011 collections (and yes, I am planning this in white too as part of my white shirt challenge).  I loved the Dries Van Noten look when I first saw it and will wear it like this with a silky skirt one day...  But for today I am bike-riding with my friend S so the need for a bike-appropriate outfit.
Which brings me to something I've been thinking for a while... whilst I love personal style blogs and am frequently inspired by some, there have been times when I seriously question whether some of those girls are actually wearing the clothes they are posing in.  With my own personal style photos I am always just wearing what I am wearing that day... thus the periodic appearance of thongs (flipflops) and tennis shoes on a casual day.   I like to be honest about my daily apparel.  Some of the blogs I look at, the girls seem to be in very high heels and toting large heavy looking handbags on a daily basis.  Meaning, every day.  I've even seen the towering heels whilst posing with a bike... lol.   Is this honestly what they are wearing that day?  I "get" the pressure to look nice and put-together, and I do feel it myself, but ... honestly...

Hoodie; Kwik Sew 3667 view A, grey marle fleece
Jeans; adaption of Burda 7863, rust corduroy
Sunnies; RayBan
Thongs (flipflops): Mountain Design

photos below; at left from Dries Van Noten, Fall 2010, at right from Celine, Spring 2011


  1. Nice. It looks so comfortable. Whenever I wear garments like this (which, I have to admit, isn't that often) my husband tells me I look very hugable. Maybe I should try and make more of this kind of garments too :-D

  2. Hello Carolyn, there can be no stilo without comfort, and can even be dressed casually.
    His sweatshirt was beautiful and I love to admire the scenery from your photos. Congratulations.

    Eilane - Brazil

  3. I really enjoy seeing your creations, but I don't think I've ever commented before. I was compelled, however, to attempt to answer your question. While I can't speak to every style blogger on the internets, I will say that I do know people in real life who dress to the nines *every single day*. I live in the Southeastern US, and this might be why. I know women whose husbands have never seen them without full makeup, women who put on heels to take out the garbage. This seems exhausting to me, but each to her own! So I would think that if one were this type of person, one would be very inclined to keep a style blogs, right? And then keeping a style blog which everyone in the world could potentially see would only reinforce this compulsion to be camera-ready on a daily basis. I find this fascinating, but I do prefer your take on stylish comfort.

  4. It looks wonderful, I want to try this pattern now.

  5. Carolyn, It looks great on you! I love the sleeves and the "slouchiness" of the body of the shirt, giving it a relaxed glamour.
    You are most welcome :-)

  6. I can see the Dries in this look.

    And, like you, I too have wondered about some of the looks I've seen. In fact sometimes I think they go shopping, pose, snap a photo, and very likely RETURN the said item.

  7. oh, that´s such a nice pattern for a hoodie. Something a bit unusual, but still casual and comfy. Nice work!

    And yes, I can confirm that those dressed to the nines types exists in Sweden too...

  8. I'm with you on the tracky dacks! Why haven't I seen this pattern before?

  9. It does look very comfortable and very stylish, and no worries you could never possibly come close to looking hick-ish ;))))

  10. to each their own I guess. I just don't blog on those days when I'm not blog worthy. Hopefully those days will get less and less, that was the idea anyway. I will agree with the previous commenter about women in the southeast, not even taking out the garbage until they have on their makeup and heels. I have some friends like that, sweet girls, all but somehow managing to be put together better than me.

    He he, I make no apologies for the pleasures of a quick and easy pattern ... maybe in the future when I have more time to sew I'll eschew that ... but now I like quick gratification. Your hoodie definitely looks stylish, And your hair is soooo gorgeous in the first photo ... the light is just perfect.

  11. okay, and I had to click on your "bogan" link, an Australian redneck it is, eh? I'm chuckling ... no, definitely not you...

  12. Hi Carolyn! Well, I only get dressed for my blog and then get right back into my tracky dacks and go hang out with my bogan friends....
    TEEHEEHEE. Don't believe me?
    What I wear on my blog, is what I wear. Even if I'm just hanging out at home.
    I'm not sure how I feel about those style bloggers who seem overly dressed up every post. Perhaps it is how they dress all the time (do they have young kids?) but boy, how tiring would it be to wear sky high heels every day. Would be ruining your feet.