Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Rooster", a drawing

Of course my first love is sewing, but very occasionally from time to time, I dabble in other creative stuff.
This is a pencil drawing I did for my father's birthday a few years back.  Mum and Dad now have it hanging in their kitchen, and I took these photos the last time I visited them down in the country.
I know we have an abundance of livestock here in our house already, but if I could be allowed to have just a few more I would choose to get some chooks.  We always had them in our garden when I was growing up and my parents still keep chooks today.   I love their attitude; they are such busy, comfortable, bustling sort of birds.  Their gentle grandmotherly clucking is a very soothing sound to have in the background.  Plus they are productive.  And a good way to dispose of kitchen scraps.  Maybe one day...
Funny memories:  we always named our chickens.  This sometimes caused problems, particularly when a favourite was being served up for dinner.  "But we can't possibly eat Ophelia!" would go up the protest.  After a while Mum and Dad learnt to keep quiet about that aspect of farming.  
In later years and when my own children were staying over with Granny and Grandpa for a holiday, no one would breathe a word about the absence of Fang or Fluffy from the chook pen, and the subsequent appearance of roast chicken on the dinner table.  One learns to deal with it...!


  1. That's a beautiful drawing. I admire your many talents.

    I guess one could name one's chicken dinner. I think that's what Donna Rodgers of Comin' Home did with chickens or pigs or something or other. But I agree that it's just better not to talk about it.

  2. Oh my goodness you are amazing! You creative genius you. ;)
    And hilarious that a chook was called Ophelia. love it. :)

  3. Wow, you are bringing back memories here. My mom loved chickens and we had all kinds growing up that we were assigned to care for. Your drawing looks well scaled and the colors and blending are nice. You certainly are multi-talented. It's always fun to see what you will post next! Thank you so much for popping by and answering my questions on the Burda blouse. I really want to make it and you have definitely inspired me!

  4. That drawing is excellent. I wish I could draw, but even my stick figures look wonky!

  5. I would just love to have some chickens here in the mountains. But one can't unless you have an elaborate system to keep them safe from the predators that roam around.

    Lovely pictures.

  6. Lovely drawing! You're so talented! What a fantastic gift.

    My grandma (who lived on a rural farm) used to tell me stories about chasing chickens around the farmyard and "chicken chopping". Even then, I was horrified.

    Each year, my friends buy a "share of a sheep". I was fine buying in until I learned that visiting schoolchildren NAMED the sheep. Something with a name deserves to live in my book.

    I'm not a vegetarian (no way!), but sometimes those reminders of where our food comes can be harsh.

  7. Such a beautiful drawing and touching story. It reminds me of my childhood on a small family farm. But I especially love your bee garden! What a great idea.

  8. WOW..what a beautiful drawing! You are so very talented. It looks amazing.
    I would love to be able to draw,especially when I get these ideas about a clothing styles. My attempts to draw flow-y beautiful clothes on stick people just doesn't look like fashionable & beautiful
    garments on a model :))) heehee
    My daughter on the other hand does have the talent to draw ~ but she does not like to sew "at all"! not a stitch.

    Great pictures of your parents chooks! (We say chicken but I think I like the term chook better.)

    I'm really happy you have joined the shirt project. I think it will be fun.

  9. I love the drawing. I have been lobbying my husband to have a free range yard rooster, but since we don't live in a rural area, he has consistently said NO.

  10. Thankyou for putting the lovely drawing of the rooster and the photos of our chooks on your blog. They get safely locked away in fort knox at night, as we also have predators like foxes and chuditch.

  11. That drawing is excellent. I wish I could draw, but even my stick figures look wonky!