Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A whiter shade of pale...

Today being slightly cooler (and on a side note, man has this been a delightfully warm spring...!) I am finally able to wear the scarf that Sam brought me as a gift from his trip to France.  It is a soft-as-clouds woven chenille; ivory, or white, the colour he told me I wear the most and is convinced is my favourite colour.  Hmmm, I'm always fascinated when people tell me what my favourite colour is, since I'm so unaware myself of what it is... he could well be right.  Possibly my favourite colour changes a lot, even daily, depending on my mood.  But there's no denying white and variations of are a recurring theme for me in my wardrobe...  Even though my skirt is technically green and my top is technically blue, they are really both now just slightly off-white themselves.  A few years of laundering and drying out in the sun has bleached them to a faded shade of nothingness to satisfy even the most die-hard lack-of-colour lover such as myself...  And with a snowy ruffle of petticoat peeping out from my skirt, and pristine new bobby socks, well today I'm just a symphony of paleness, merely lacking a picnic and a hanging rock...
I have mentioned it before on this blog, my personal love for white shirts and how they are not just useful but beautiful.  As if there is an international synchronicity of minds, Barbara has started a white shirt sew-along (button over there in the side-bar), and how could I not but join in?  This is good.  My obsession with white shirts has been legitimised and sanctioned with an official outlet.  I don't have to invent a reason to make a white shirt. When debating whether yet another white shirt is actually a reasonable addition to the wardrobe, I can now easily self-justify, well, I'm committed to The White Shirt Project.  Yes.  End of story.  Permission granted. Purchase of white, and even lacy, fabric may now proceed, guilt free.
And I can semi-cheat, hehe, having just completed two white shirts quite recently... specimens 1 and 2 below...

Top; Butterick 4985, blue self-embroidered cotton with lace details
Skirt; Vogue 7880 view B, sage green self-embroidered cotton
Petticoat; Metalicus
Socks; knitted by me, white cotton
Scarf; gift from my son, Paris
Boots; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. Very very very nice miss! I love that photo too. Good choice by your son.
    Speaking of hanging rock, did you know you have to pay to get in?? Hubby and I were going to take a look a few years back since we were in the area and was disgusted that you had to pay! How's that for taking advantage of publicity from the movie....
    Ok, will go ramble somewhere else now... ;)

  2. A nice foto and a great outfit - you look gorgeous in it! Even if it isn't all white these soft colours go well together.
    I think I like specimen 2 the most because of the slim look.

    Have a great day,

  3. I have always said that a girl can't have too many white blouses or white tennis shoes!

    I always knew that chickens were smart. Not many people over here think that is so. Your story about the eagles was great!

  4. All of these layers make such a beautiful combination. The sun has made made such soft, gentle colors. So cute with the bobby socks.

  5. Oh, I love this outfit, and the layers of texture, and the subtle shades, and the background!

    Hmmm, so what do you think, if I were to get a pair of brown boots for winter, should I get knee high ones, or short shoe booties? Maybe I should post this on my blog. But it seems the short shoe boots would be more versatile ....

  6. You and Carolina Herrera (rarely seen not wearing a white shirt) are kindred spirits! I think a white shirt is eternally chic, too.

  7. "Picnic at Hanging Rock" .... great similarity and you reminded me of that compelling book!