Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yah, so I must be bored with the same old same old blogger poses... though I'm probably not going to be attempting this one too frequently...  could be the collective subconscious of all those teenage souls inhabiting the general environs hereabouts affecting me...   I swear I have not been imbibing!!  
I really needed a helping hand to re-arrange those shorts once I'm up there; but my sole housemate Sienna just sat helpfully on the sidelines looking on in quietly loyal doggie support.  Probably wondering, what on earth is she up to now??  and can't we just go for a walk along the beach??
Yes, my sweet.  We will go for a looooong walkies now, and brekkie when we get back...
Speaking of which; Mum brought me some new apples to try out, a new variety called Golden Lady, a cross between Golden Delicious and Pink Lady, I presume; and they are YUM!  I've been having them with plain yoghurt for breakfast, and am hoping they turn up in the markets at home ... soon!  Thankyou so much Mum!

Shorts; Burda 7723 with minor modifications, refashioned from an old skirt here
Camisole; Country Road
Cardigan; bought secondhand and dyed yellow by me here, Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design


  1. I LOVE those shorts! How cute and fun.

    At first I was thinking, "Brekkie? I'm barely sitting down for dinner!" And then I remembered, "oh, Australia, right..."

  2. Great refashioned shorts and you are right, the cardigan is much more of a head turner in that colour. Great combo.

  3. Those schoolies have gone to your head. I've put on my shorts for the first time this summer. I don't look nearly as good as you do!

  4. Rsss, we should all do something crazy once in a while.


    Eilane - Brazil

  5. Gahhh, you're so cute.
    Love the yellow, I did not realize that you could get such an intense yellow through dyeing

  6. They say that when you are bored you just need to view you situation from a different angle or you should turn things on there head to create excitement. but........
    Gorgeous in mustard.
    Missing you in Perth

  7. OK, so now you are just showing off! I wonder if I can do a handstand???? Perhaps only in the swimming pool.
    Very nice shorts, even upside down, and your cardigan is a gorgeous colour.

  8. Gosh, you have mad altering skills! Love the shorts and cardi! Brilliant colour combo of the grey and yellow too!

    heart: Kimberellie

  9. Ha, found it! You're looking good! I'm afraid if I tried this...could probably do it, I would HURT for the next two weeks!

  10. Oh to be young and fit enough to do that wonderful pose. Great outfit.

  11. Why did you stop to use this pose?%))) BTW your posts under refashion tag are very cool and interesting!