Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A difficult dress

Oh, so much for horrific leavers rowdy stories... so far I've only come across small bunches of delightfully friendly, polite and sweet teenagers who immediately want to pat Sienna and make friends with her.  Having a dog takes down a lot of barriers...  and seeing happy teenagers having fun on the beach has just made me miss my own kiddywinks and I really wish they were here with me...  sigh... 
My dress; first time here although it does not qualify as new.  I've really struggled with this dress.  This is its third incarnation, nearly two years in the making and I'm still not desperately in love with it... I bought this embroidered silk from Tessuti's in Melbourne a few years ago, with the intention of making a full-skirted number inspired by a Burberry dress.  Full-skirted, fitted bodice, boatneck and with elbow length fitted sleeves.  I finished my version and it was a perfectly OK dress.  But it didn't actually look very "me".  I felt like I was dressing up in someone else's clothes...
So I decided the full-skirt was the problem; I unpicked this and recut a more fitted skirt.  This was a little better, but by this time the allover embroidery and sameness of the fabric was just screaming at me "TOO MUCH" and I had to put it aside for a few months.  Or a year.  You remember how the von Trapp children in the Sound of Music were all dressed in the curtain fabric so all their outfits were over-the-top matchy matchy??  The dress was like that.  Eventually I removed the bodice and sleeves, recut the skirt again and bought some goldy green silk for a plain bodice.  Sleeveless.  
But still not.... quite...
I look at all my sewing and judge it by this criteria; would I buy this if I saw it in a shop?  And this dress; well I'm not so sure.
The fabric is so gorgeous; soft gold, apricot and muted mossy sagey green, nothing not to love there.  I'm forcing myself to wear it, hoping I will love it more with use.  But I'm not ready to reveal it without a cardigan yet.  I still look at it and can see all the angst in its inception...

Dress; partly my own design with components of Burda 8071, green silk, embroidered gold silk
Cardigan; Nine, from Labels boutique
Hat; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design


  1. Well the way you have it styled sure does look pretty. Hope you'll reveal it soon. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Love the fabric! The dress (what I can see) looks fabulous. May-be you've been at it a few too many times to like it. Perhaps it will grow on you.

  3. Carolyn, I think you are too close to the dress to see its charms. Beautiful fabric, and such quiet colors. You and I are on opposite sides of the color wheel...I cannot wear those colors well. You certainly can! Perhaps try a contrasting or a deeper color for the cardi in order to showcase the dress fabric? Just my 2 cents...
    In any case, the outfit is so pretty just as it is.

  4. Well, it is a gorgeous fabric. I can't comment on the bodice since we can't really see it, but I love how the cardigan picks up the colour in the embroidered flowers. You do subtle, muted shades so beautifully :)

  5. Oh, the fabric is pretty but I have had the same angst about things I've made ... hope you figure this one out because it's lovely! and glad the teenagers have been a non issue. :) Yes, I think Americans must be much worse .... The rest of the world seems more civilized, maybe a result of the british system of education? hmmm ....

  6. the fabric is beautiful and I can understand why you bought it. Perhaps this dress wants to be a skirt.

  7. The colours you are wearing are just my cup of tea. I hope you can fancy this dress at some point.
    I'm glad you are meeting lovely teenagers.I think there are more terrific under 20's than there are terrors.

  8. The fabric is so very pretty, and from what I see I think the dress is also very pretty...I would buy it :)