Monday, November 22, 2010

Eating humble pie...

Yah, OK, so I went to the vintage fair.  And it was pretty cool.
What can I say, the last post I wrote I was still feeling grumpy and unsociable, heat waves have that effect on me.  Sunday brought a breeze and a divinely cool change; refreshing and invigorating to mind, body and spirit, so we felt inclined to get off our butts and DO SOMETHING!!  yeah!  As our Canadian friends here say, get yerselves oot and aboot!
So I enjoyed it. 
One thing I found interesting on browsing and checking out the inside of garments is how a lot of "real" vintage evening wear  from the late 40's and early 50's was made of nylon, rayon, polyester etc, as at the time these were often considered superior to natural fibres.  An interestingly different view to the one we hold now... And how horrible the zips often are in these garments, big and clunky and obvious.  Ahhh, the blessings of the modern invisible zip.  We've come a long way in some areas, that's for sure.
I got a Glomesh bag!  I do have one already that my parents gave me for a birthday present, sometime in my teen years when you could actually buy them new, hmmm, showing my age there!  My original one is beige, and in perfect condition, of course!  The one I picked up yesterday is a teensy bit tarnished, but in pretty good nick overall, and anyhow, I really wanted a gold one.  I also bought a set of cake forks, which we needed, for only a dollar more than an almost identical set I bought a few months ago in a real op shop; and this great Charles and Di Wedding commemorative mug.  My husband didn't "get" this last purchase, cries of omg, Carolyn, how tacky can you get?!!, but hey, I think enough time has passed that this sort of memorabilia is no longer tacky tacky but an interesting relic and symbolic to all of us of... something indefinably 80's...  anyway I can see the irony.  And I'm looking forward to people's reaction when I serve them a cuppa in this...

Skirt; skirt "d", from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa, silver/grey crepe
Top; Aura
Belt; made by me, see here
Sandals; Anna, from MarieClaire shoes
Bag; Glomesh


  1. Happy to hear a cool breeze blew in and you got out, had some fun, and found a few treasures. Yay! I often have to battle the grumpies when it is too hot and sticky here. I can really relate!

  2. Cool bag!

    As for the mug, I think maybe men just don't get the allure of royalty at all.

  3. Imagine finding one of those gold glomesh tops from "Sale of the Century"!! Too good!

  4. Nice outfit. I love it with the golden accessoires!

    LOL@ Charles & Diana mug...
    Those cake forks are lovely... so special in a box. Glad you ate some humble pie and went because they are still fun to check out, even if 'vintage' is so over-rated now.
    The hot weather is here this week. I'm already looking forward to the cool change.


  6. oh, I love inspecting construction details of really well made garments. So much fun. I think i reject items often based on shoddy interiors - though I tolerate it in my own work sometimes just for the quick thrill of getting something done, if I'm going to pay "real money" I want nice finishing inside and out. I would have been right there with you mentally deconstructing. How fun!

    I'm laughing about the "oot and aboot" - my best friend from n. texas is canadian and she says exactly that, I'm hearing her voice :)

    I like the chain belt in this outfit, I think it is the perfect detail element. you look cool and comfy. And the skirt still looks lovely and swishy. Have a great day!

  7. That mug is amazing! And so is your skirt. I must buy this book.

  8. Glad you went and had fun!

    I keep hearing about these Canadians who say "oot" and "aboot". I do hope to meet one someday. Though I do catch myself saying "eh" sometimes... ;)

  9. That mug is hilarious! It would be great fun to serve someone with it.

    to Tanitisis: "oot and aboot" must be a Manitoba and Ontario thing, since you can definitely hear it down where I live. People used to give me weird looks when I lived on the east coast, hey?

  10. Can't imagine a heatwave as in western Canada we are having an extreme cold snap...and if it's extreme for us you know it's bad!
    I love the Charles and Di mug. I've been having major nostalgic moments since the announcement of the newly engaged royals. Di was lovely and I hope you raise a cuppa for her.