Sunday, November 28, 2010

Further from yesterday

Thankyou so much for your thoughts yesterday ... and many of your comments resonated quite clearly with me and my own thinking on this subject; I also read a little bit more on Natalie's findings and summary of her yearlong challenge here.  The bit about recognising the work of experts in their field (ie. shoemakers) and not trying to metaphorically reinvent the wheel, spoke to me.  I also had been feeling, like a lot of post-modernists, that I should be doing more for myself and making as much as I could... relying less on store-bought.  This is rooted in good intentions, but has limitations.  I can't see myself attempting to make my own shoes or sunglasses, for example.  Is this a cop-out?  Well, no, because although I like to set myself challenges and rise to them, I do understand the findings of the makeshift project that some components of a project can be just so much wasted time for an amateur and that unnecessary self-imposed hardship could be viewed as just plain silly.  And just to clarify: I don't view Natalie's challenge as at all silly, on the contrary; I have enormous admiration for her achievement... 
On the subject of challenges, well I have already committed myself to not buy any new clothing for myself, and I feel quite comfortable with that one, and actually not particularly challenged by this rule at all.  Thus my need to search for a new challenge?
I also feel that making new garments for myself, like basics such as Tshirts... when I have perfectly good ones already sitting in my drawers, is counterproductive.  So perhaps I'm just not ready for this particular challenge.  The notion of not allowing myself to wear certain items of clothing in my possession just because they happen to have been bought in a store, is not practical, and really doesn't prove anything to anyone.
But I will continue to make my own clothes, and as the old store-boughts get to the stage of being consigned to the rag-bag, maybe I will be ready to do this challenge for myself.

But not the shoes!!

Skirt; my own design, based upon a basic three (six?) gore pattern Butterick 3134, printed polyester chiffon
Top; Tbox
Hat; Country Road
Tongs (flipflops); Mountain Designs
Sunnies; RayBan


  1. Carolyn--you look so relaxed in this beach-combing look. You already make so much more of your clothing than I can even think about. The simple fact that you a statement in our day and age.

  2. Hello my friend! I had to laugh about your comment of "not Texas!" unless you are water skiing for sure you wouldn't ski here.... though we do occasionally see snow it is pretty rare in our part of the state. Certainly not consistent enough for snow skiing. My mom grew up in Portland and used to ski on Mount Hood. You'll love it!

    I bet you could "not buy new" - you have amazing skills. ... love this skirt, it looks so airy and cool - a lovely long skirt.

  3. I've often thought that I'd like to make my shoes. I'd like to mimic the younger styles, with a sensible heel. When I was in Korea, I found a shoemakers market where you could buy leather, heels, buckles, rubber soles, the works. It was kind of tempting.
    BTW - lovely skirt!

  4. I think I discovered Makeshift during SSS. I found it fascinating and inspiring, particularly her amazing style.

    It's good to read other people's thoughts on the topic since I've pondered it so much myself. I'm an avid diy-er (like most of us here, I suppose). There's a lot of satisfaction to be had from making something with your own hands. But my wise mother, noticing my insanity, once told me if I tried to do everything, I'd never do well at anything. How true! And yet...hehe