Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half a house

A house in our neighbourhood is being renovated, providing me with a wonderfully devastated landscape to borrow for my backdrop today.  From this door I should be stepping into to the laundry and bathroom... both of these now residing in a huge skip out front.
Paradoxically, given this scene of dust and destruction, I am cleaning my own house today.  Plus it is a waaaaarm day, so dressed for comfort and coolness whilst wielding a vacuum cleaner and mop.  Hopefully I will have a little quality time with my sewing machine later... 
Of the garb, this dress is soooo comfortable and will be great for summer.  I like this pattern, but I'm so happy I followed my instincts and modified it to suit this fabric better.  But now I'm dreaming of making it up again, this time to the pattern, maybe in a floral floaty, or possibly in a sheer gelato chiffon to wear over a petticoat.  Hmmm, since I don't have either of these fabrics in my stash this would mean a trip to the fabric store, which I have sworn off until I have reduced the volume in my fabric cupboard by at least a few more lengths... sigh.
The shoeless photo is purely a gratuitous shot to show off of my handknit socks, and to show how meticulously I have co-ordinated my whole blue and grey ensemble today; thankyou for noticing.  Actually, come to think of it not so gratuitous, as the boots do not participate when I am doing housework.  Like most people (I think?!) I kick off my footwear at home and swan around either barefoot or in socks.
So, do you wear shoes when at home or, like me, do your feet go nekked?

Dress; Vogue 1152 with modifications listed here, cotton chambray
Socks; handknit by me
Boots; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes


  1. Lovely dress, and great legs! :)

  2. Ah, this dress is so nice. Looks sooo comfortable, and at the same time practical and cute.

    Up here where the weather for the most part is wet (either rain or snow) 9 months of the year, taking off shoes when inside is not optional - it´s mandatory! Shame on anyone who keeps the shoes on inside! ;-).

  3. You look great!! I want some boot like those, too.
    As for the nekked feet club. We are in it together. I usually have my shoes off before I've even removed my coat most days.

  4. Great gams there, Toots! This dress is so adorable and fantastic for hot weather. Love the setting, too. Great contrast between your smooth dress and skin and the rougher construction elements.

    I'd love to see this dress in a floaty something over one of your dressier petticoats! That would be gorgeous. And you've got the figure for it, so I say "rock it!"

    I've got "home shoes" (my Crocs) that I swan around in. Wish I could do barefoot, but my arches need more support. In 50ºF weather, I'm sporting wool socks, too.

  5. What a great dress. And exactly those shoes and socks are a must for that creation. Great job, as usual.

  6. This is a really cute look with the socks peeking out above the shoes. Great artistic pose with the shoes and socks toe to toe.

  7. Such a pretty dress. You look cool and comfortable, and your socks are gorgeous. We have a no-shoes house too.

  8. This looks like a housework-friendly dress ... The socks are great with it! We are naked feet here. Wool socks in the winter. :)

  9. My feet are nekkid at home.

    I love this dress, your long legs, and the socks with the boots. It's an excellent everyday look.

  10. I am a naked and socks gal. (err... feet that is!) ;)