Thursday, November 18, 2010

In which Sienna has a bad hair day...

We are having a mini heat-wave.  35C yesterday, 36C today and forecast 37C tomorrow...  (roughly 95F, 97F and 99F respectively)  I'm nervous about summer.  Yup, not even summer yet, and already we're cookin'.  Not to mention the dog... all that fur... poor poppet.  So a few days ago, when the hot hot hot days starting appearing up ahead on the weather report I rang our neighbourhood dog groomer.
Oh, yes Sienna, one of my favourites!" she chirped.  "now let me see, when can I fit Sienna in... hmmm (sounds of multiple pages flicking... flicking...flicking) the earliest I have is the thirteenth of January."
Stunned pause. 
"Oh." Gulp.  "Oh, yes, please book us in"
Since when has it been harder to have one's dog clipped than one's own hair, for heaven's sake?  Though I'm obviously a bit dense, because I now recall it was the same story last year and still I haven't learnt about the importance of getting in way early...  I'm telling you, looking for extra summertime income? get some clippers and put yourself out there grooming dogs.  Around here at least, HUGE demand...  
But in the meantime, Sienna is already panting and falling back on our morning constitutionals so immediate action is required.  I've never clipped a dog before but am always up for a challenge and my overly-confident, can-do brain assured me seriously, how hard could this be?  Armed myself with a medium sized pair of scissors (a mistake... now have blisters) and set to work.  Like, hours later, simply smothered in dog fur (a daily outfit pic from yesterday would have been hilariously un-glamourous) and with a whole cushion sized bag of new blonde clippings in the bin, and below is pictured the newly coiffured Sienna.  (here is the before-Sienna) You know the old saying from schooldays when someone had a haircut "Lost a fight with the lawnmower?" well in all honesty the poor pet looks a bit this way.  Today my daughter's boyfriend stopped in his tracks, staring incredulously before inquiring "what happened to the dog?"
But hey, I did the best I could do.  She was a very very good dog, lying so patiently while her inept mistress snipped snipped snipped away laboriously...  There are no nicks.  And there's no doubt she is a heaps livelier and happier dog with a renewed spring in her step.

Top; my own design, refashioned old pair of 3/4 linen pants seen first here
Skirt; Vogue 7303, lime printed cotton
Sandals; Anna, from MarieClaire shoes
Hat; Country Road
Sunnies; RayBan


  1. Well Siena sure looks spunky. What a mammoth job.

  2. lolololololol. Thanks for that laugh!

    OK, it went like this. I read the beginning of your blog entry, and then had to let the cat in and feed him. During that time, I was thinking about your post. It went along the lines of this: Well, Carolyn can do *anything*. I bet she can learn to cut her dogs hair, take the shorn hair and spin it into yarn, and make herself a fashionable vest - something you might see on a runway. But THEN I thought: but wait, she's pointed out that she's no good with hair. Seems to be her one achilles heel... Does that extend to dog hair?

    Then I come back to my computer to finish reading your blog and I scroll down.


    Thanks for that laugh! Are you telling me there is only one groomer in your city? Or is this the groomer to the stars? :)

  3. Love your outfit!

    lol..she really doesn't look too bad! and she certainly would feel a lot you did a great job!
    Before I had my present groomer I had to groom Bradley(min poodle), so I bought all the equipment, and it "is" harder than it looks and I wasn't liking the end for the last few years,at the beginning of each year, I have monthly appointments made for the whole year! what now takes my groomer an hour or so to do took me 3. It just wasn't fair to the dog ;) and he looks adorable when done :)

  4. Haha! This reminds me of the time we were shaving a reindeer (don't ask)... we filled up the shop-vac three times with the hair (and not a teeny little home shop-vac, a big industrial one, too). At least we had electric clippers, though.

  5. Oh, my dear Caroline. Please stick to sewing and leave the dogs to the professionals. Poor baby. She probably will not want to be seen in the daylight for months and months!!!

    Just kidding, of course. :)

  6. Can't stop laughing! Happy dog, yes! Good haircut, heck no! But hey, practice makes perfect and like you said, no nicks! How does she feel about electric razors? That might help even things out.

    Hahahahahahaha! Thanks for the giggle.

  7. OMG I guess she is cooler. Sydney has also been hot and REALLY humid with it. Got a labrador who is dropping hair all over the place and am tempted. R u going to cancel the clippers appt or just go and fess up?

  8. LOL!!! Your dog!!! Oh my! LOVE it. And hey, wow wow wow to you on that shirt? From pants? How impressive is that?

    heart: Kimberellie

  9. oh, but your intentions were good and I haven't heard any complaints from the dog!

  10. he he!! Not envying you the hot weather AT ALL as we just got done with months and months of the same ... Well, both you and the dog look cool and comfy, but your hair looks much better!!

  11. Oh you silly! Get some grooming clippers from the local Petsmart or tack store. Scissors are not the way to go. Your pup looks way happier though!

  12. That's so funny - and the funny thing is that I bet the dog couldn't care less! We do the same with our dog - how hard could it be? But maybe some clippers would be a good investment!