Saturday, November 27, 2010

The makeshift project

Oh, I am in a much better mood today since my family turned up here last night... I swear I was getting a minor case of ...something mental... here all by my lonesome and carrying on one-sided conversations with the dog; her contribution was just supportive tail-wagging and loyal loving looks... kinda like one of those weird psychological films.
So I apologise sincerely for any escalating grumpiness over the past few days.
Last evening while internetting by myself, I discovered an awesome blog, makeshift, where a clothing designer went for a year wearing only items of clothing made by herself, including shoes and underwear, oh and sunglasses too!!  I only wish I had discovered her at the beginning of her journey as her year is now over and she doesn't seem to be making many entries in her blog since she finished a few months ago.  Such an impressive feat; and not only has her determination inspired me but I adore all her clothes and designs, she looks modern, comfortable and edgy in all her outfits.  I want to be edgier too now, my current clothes are boring me at the mo.  Practicality is winning out over style here...
The concept of going all self-made is something I've toyed with in my own head before, although not to the extreme of making my own shoes; this is beyond my capabilities.  Not to mention I love my current shoe collection too much...  Though, is there a shoe-making course to be found in Perth...?
I am going to give this some thought.  I do think I could go a year all self-made.  Bar shoes, oh and underwear ... as I don't see the point of making a new set of underwear when I have perfectly servicable set already.  Plus I'm not convinced making underwear is an interesting or worthwhile fashion statement.  I'll only go to this extreme the day I can't find underwear made in Australia anymore...
In my initial excitement I pondered doing this beginning the 1st January 2011, but realistically this will not work as we have an overseas skiing trip planned for January and I couldn't possibly make my own snow-worthy gear... well, not in time.  I'm sure it is possible and some clever seamstresses out there have probably done it but for the climate where I live it just wouldn't be worth my effort, honestly.  It has never snowed here in the history of time and probably isn't going to any time soon.
Keep you posted.

Shorts; Burda 7723, white linen
Top; Country Road
Cardigan; my own design, jersey knit


  1. Ah, yes, but it is interesting to explore the intersection of style and practicality for one's particular climate and lifestyle. Veeerrrry interesting. I refuse to believe I have to sacrifice style in order to be practical, and vice versa.

  2. Oh that is a great idea for a challenge... I think you could SO do it... maybe start after your trip though?
    I doubt Perth would have a shoe making course. But stranger things have happened. :P

  3. Gee you look great in shorts! We are also going skiing in January. I am just comtemplating making my whole family thermals. Not sure if this is a crazy idea or not. Could be great. I could end up with a lot of thermal fabric in my stash.

    It does seem pointless not to wear things you already own, so perhaps a year without buying anything new, rather than being completely self made. Then as stuff wears out, you could replace them with self made versions.

  4. There was an article in Threads magazine a while back on covering shoes with fabric - not making them from scratch, but refashioning, of sorts. This intrigued me. I even set aside an old pair of shoes to experiment on, but to date nothing has happened with them. There was a woman in California who sold instructions on making shoes - I remember seeing her ads in sewing magazines, years back. Also sounded intriguing, but I never pursued that at the time.

  5. The one thing I have found about any kind of challenge is that in order to be successful you have to really want the goal. How much do you want to make your own underwear and shoes? It's the passion that drives you through the long hard middle part to get to the end. I have completely the opposite goal. I am going to try doing some shopping and buy things to match the things I make so I can get more wear out of them. For me it is so hard to pull out my purse and pay for clothes, but I cannot convince myself to sew the things I really need.

  6. Challenges can be such great motivators, but I find I would need to modify a challenge to be exactly what is necessary for MY current life. Making shoes would NOT be necessary for me, I have plenty already. In fact, I have plenty of everything. I like a challenge of NOT BUYING ANYTHING new (clothing wise) for a year... ONLY sewn, or from thrift sales. Something like that.

    BTW... I just happened upon your blog and LOVE your sewn items and your creative photos of the items. I love your creativity.

  7. Oh, I've seen that blog, totally fascinating. Thanks for reminding me about it! I don't know if I would want to do that, it seems so serious to do that, not at all like playing in my closet which is loads of fun and totally fluff. Perhaps at another stage in life I would enjoy being that serious. Now, that being said, it would be fun to learn to make your own shoes (actually have had some thoughts about sandals lately) Underwear, I dunno ... I still haven't made pants or shorts successfully yet, or a winter coat. So I'm definitely a few years behind you! I would love to be totally self-made eventually, at least those items people see, not the socks and foundation garments necessarily ...

    Where are you going skiing? Are you coming over to the states?

    Sorry, I have gone on again in your comments, my words runneth over. Have a good weekend!