Friday, November 19, 2010

Russet socks

So, new sockies.
How warm and cosy they look here in this photo. This wool colour is called Russet, an evocative name, prompting an immediate image association thing in my head involving apples and open fires and toast and autumn leaves and blankets and mulled wine...  I'm sure as autumn and winter roll around I will be grateful for the suggestive connotations of this wonderful word, but today being 37C (99F) my feet complained petulantly about being stuffed into warm woolly socks for their photo shoot and threatened a walk-out strike.  They could only be co-erced into a short modelling session on promise of a good long soak in the pool afterwards.
Ha.  So I'm not feeling hugely eloquent today.  Brain a bit sapped and zapped by this heat.  It's too early for this sort of heat.  I'm not ready for summer.  Not yet.  I need a bit more spring.  We need more spring.  More fresh breezes and more rain, please.  Especially lots of rain.  Not this stupefying heat and fierce hot winds.  Perfect bushfire weather, of course.
I hung out a few loads of washing this morning, early, and an hour later all was bone dry and crackly warm.  So I brought in the washing again at about 9am.  Folded all and put it away.  The latter normally an afternoon activity.

Socks; Adaption of the Ladies' Sockettes from Patons Knitting Book C11, Morris 4ply Merino in Russet (col 411) and Beluga (col 430)


  1. Beautiful Autumn socks. I hope you have rain soon.

  2. I talked to my parents today and they mentioned the heatwave! YIKES. Can't believe you even *looked* at socks on a 37c day.
    On the subject of hot weather, it is suppose to be warm(ish) here tomoz so no tights under my dress... and I don't have the right colour anyway. Shame. I'll work it out... just as long as it's not 37C!

  3. MMMM, pretty socks. ... sounds like your spring / summer weather is similar to ours in texas. I think our winters are a little cooler though. Well I remember this phenomenon of bringing in the laundry even more quickly than it would have dried inside ... and it seemed if I was hanging two or three loads the first was done by the time the last was hung up. nuts.

  4. Love your socks, i'm sat here in 2 jumpers, tights, jeans and a hat it is so cold...hope you get some rain. Have a wonderful weekend.