Friday, November 26, 2010

Thoughts on coat-hangers

A smocked dress for a coat-hanger…?
A friend was telling me recently about a local woman whose business is to come out and assesses one’s wardrobe.  Yes, apparently there are some women out there who do not do this simple and very personal task for themselves… but I digress… this lady visits you in your own home and helps you go through your wardrobe and decides for you what does and doesn’t suit you; sorts out what to keep and what to cull and “enables” you to fill gaps in your wardrobe (translation; goes shopping with you to spend even more of your money)
The particular lady we were discussing has a firm belief that one's coat-hangers must be all matching, and definitely not the old wire variety either.  She recommends white and plastic.  She tosses out every single coat-hanger you own that doesn’t conform to this strict rule and makes you buy all new identical white plastic coat hangers … apparently one simply cannot be a well dressed woman if one’s coat-hangers do not match… I know, how ridiculous.  Some of my most treasured possessions are the coat-hangers that have crocheted, smocked, knitted (or whatever) covers; made by my great-aunties and great grandmothers who are now gone…
And not only are these a sentimental memento of my female role model relatives, but they make the best, bar none, hangers for delicate slippery tops and dresses...
I have covered only one coat-hanger to pass on to my daughter… this is it.  So while it makes me cringe a bit to look at it, hopefully she might feel some nostalgic attachment to it some day.
Disclaimer: as well as my inherited hand-crafted beauties, the rest of my coat-hanger collection is a veritable zoo of different varieties, including lots of old wire-ys...

Below; a daily outfit photo.  Looking back over my blog; the days over the past year that are clearest to me are the days in which I have a photo of myself.  Seeing me in that day’s outfit really helps jog my memory of the events of the day and my feelings…  So if I get the time to take a photo, I am going to put one in.
(On another note; I was surprised yesterday at the number of (albeit nicely worded) comments telling me I was just showing off.  I didn't think I was showing off, just trying something different.  And seriously I've heard of ladies in their eighties who can still do hand-stands.  I really admire those ladies who don't let age get in the way of their fitness routine, or anything else in their lives for that matter, and would like to hope I could be one of those ladies)

Skirt; Vogue 7303, cotton velveteen
Top; Aztec Rose, from an op shop
Cardigan; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design


  1. I'm very passionate about my hangers. They don't all match, but are padded and covered in satin. I hate wire coat hangers, much to the amusement of husbie and the DDs.
    PS I'm not sure that styling oneself is a simple task. Some women are born with it, some aren't.

  2. The colours in your outfit look fantastic on you! As for coat hangers, whatever goes goes. I have nothing special. And that's probably not very good for my clothes. Actually I don't have any wire hangers in my wardrobe, I don't like them.

  3. I'd like to have a career where I take other women shopping and spend their money... and tell them what looks hot and not and have them whimper away in shame.... MUAHAHAH.... ok, the last part I was kidding. ;)
    I saw your post with you doing a handstand and although i didn't comment I did not think you were showing off at all. I thought WOW, you must be so fit, and still have the best legs in town. :)
    Hope you're enjoying "down south" ... hehe.

  4. Gail is so right about some (many) women who do not perform this simple and personal task for themselves. Call it a lack of confidence, color-blind eyes, being busy, being in denial- whatever it is, those who can and will follow their own sense of personal style are rarer than you think.

    I do something similar to that lady, except I don't go to houses, and it's primarily for sewing ladies. What a nightmare to do it for people who are at the mercy of the fit, style, and colors available that season. Makes me break out in hives thinking about it.

  5. Heh heh heh. Ever seen Joan Crawford completely lose her sh*t in "Mommy Dearest" over wire hangers? Hehe.

    Padded ones are better than plastic for the shape of your clothes. Yours are lovely.

    Perhaps this woman is trying to teach undisciplined minds the value of uniformity and control.

  6. I love knitted hangers, and if I cannot talk my friends into knitting one or two for me (let's see, that would be 5 knitting friends x 2 hangers=10!), I'll have to learn how to knit and purl and all that. I have some from my MIL and love them. I color coordinate them with the garment when bored.

  7. I hope you didn't misinterpret my previous comment .. sorry! I really admire your gorgeous photos and I thought your handstand was just awesome - I just wished I could do one!!! On the subject of coat hangers, I always buy homemade hangers at a fete - the bigger and softer the better - they protect your clothes.

  8. I am a little anal about how I put my clothes away in the closet, but all matching hangers just wouldn't do. Different hangers for different items. Padded hangers for jackets and knit items, for sure. I love the smocked hanger!

    There are times when I think that I would like to have someone come and tell me what's what in my wardrobe, but then I look at one of those books on wardrobe planning, with categories that you have to fit yourself into, and I cringe. I know which outfits make me feel good about myself, and which ones don't. How can someone tell me what to wear? I don't want to fit into anyone else's ideas of what I should wear!

  9. Oh, love the colors and the light in this photo (and impressed with your handstand in the previous photo, wish i could do one.... but then again, I've never been able to) I love looking back through my photos and remembering what happened when I was wearing that particular outfit, it really does jog the memory.

    I had no idea you could pad hangers like this. :) I've got quite the mishmash in my closet too....

  10. Love those colors of your outfit!

    I love homemade padded hangers, but I don't have many. One day when I do have time I will make up a bunch. I think the same type of hangers would look truly organized in a closet but I don't mind the look of different hangers.

  11. What--I missed a hand-stand!!! I must track that one down. That's what I get for taking a day off for an American holiday.

    Very few of my hangars match!

  12. oops, sorry, I did not mean to be offensive. If I could do a handstand, I would put it on the blog. I am just jealous.