Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tim's shirt

This is a shirt I made for our eldest son for a Christmas present.  I didn't need to be secret working on this one, as he was working up in Kalgoorlie up until only a few days before Christmas.
I'm glad he got a job where he is earning some good money but I did really miss him...  oh dear, empty nest syndrome coming on already?  sad...  :(  
Anyway, we are making the most of him being home now.  And he has probably at least another year of Uni at home.
This fabric was a bit of a *&%# to work with.  Excuse my French.  I've had it for about a year, toyed with various projects in my mind, possibly a shirt for Craig, draping it over Bessie to get inspired for something for me etc. and finally came to terms with the fact Tim was the best one in the house to carry off this "deconstructed businessman" fabric.  The fabric is heat set into random crazy creases, and is slightly stretchy, thus the %$#@ factor, have you ever tried fine precision tailoring with stretchy or pre-creased fabric??  And I like for mens' shirts to be well tailored... well, I just had to accept the quirks of this fabric and go with it as best I could.  I think I wrestled it into some sort of submission with minimal meltdown on my own behalf.   Anyhow I'm very happy with how it finally turned out.  And most importantly Tim likes it too.  He wore it on Christmas Day, and has worn it out to two other parties with his friends since, so must do!
The pattern is Burda 7767 again, this time made up pretty much as is but with narrower sleeve cuffs, the addition of two breast pockets with asymmetrical flaps, a long curved hem and the use of navy blue snaps in lieu of buttons.
I also added this iron-on "raging bull" motif.  Hehe, this is kind of funny because there is no one less like a raging bull than Tim...  It is actually one of a series of horoscope signs, and Tim is not even a Taurus, but meh...  I liked the colours of this motif against the colours of the shirt, and I thought it needed a little extra something to make it less formal and wicked enough for a young bloke.

Shirt; Burda 7767, pattern review here, cotton with probably a spot of spandex for stretch?


  1. Oh, I love it! That fabric is just perfect for a grown-up boy, though I can see it would be weird to work with. Good job! And the bull really does punch it up just right :)

  2. Wonderful looking shirt! Glad that you managed to let the fabric know who's the boss.
    Yes, empty nest is a strange feeling (and you don't really get used to it for a long time).

  3. Wow you are really branching into mens wear. Your shirts are so well constructed and this is no exception.

  4. A very smart shirt - yes the fabric looks like it needs taming - but you did an excellent job - perfect for a handsome young man!! Love that bull - ole!

  5. Another great shirt - I don't know how you do it!
    Thanks for the comments on my Hotpatterns muslin. I will bear it in mind when we get back to the UK. We leave NZ in 2 weeks so I will be packing all the sewing stuff up in a few days. The princess seams in the diagram are more like side panels, but I agree they will look better with top stitching.

  6. You are so clever! I can imagine how fiddly it must be to sew a shirt.
    BTW - love how you have gotten both son and hubby to model their shirts! Hubby looks like he's a bit awkward in the previous post but poses because you insist. (and must love you lots) HEHEHE.
    xo MODELmumma

  7. The shirts that you do look good, I love the fit and accuracy in finishing, I can imagine what it must have been difficult to work with stretch fabric and unstable.

    Congratulations on your beautiful family you have.


    Eilane - Brazil

  8. This fabric is perfect for this shirt and your handsome son definitely wears it well. I like the bull :) a nice design detail.

  9. I bet your kids think you are the best mom ever, Carolyn! This shirt is cool, casual and fits Tim so well! Great fabric choice, even if it WAS a little fiddly.

    And that bull patch is the perfect touch!

  10. Such smart Christmas gift shirts for your son and husband. That crinkly stretchy fabric is a nightmare to sew, but it looks terrific in the finished shirt. With any luck (or excellent foresight) it will need minimal ironing, always a bonus!

  11. Great looking shirt (and a terrific looking model!)

  12. Oh, I didn't see this earlier. What fun!! The bull at the corner of the pocket is so much fun! He looks like the sort of young man who might have quite a defined personal style, and this suits him quite well. Always fun when they choose to wear it again!