Monday, December 27, 2010

Vogue 8555; a pattern review

(shamefaced) I took some more photos of the dress; inside because the ones Craig took on Christmas Day were a tad blustery.  Yeees, don't know if you can tell or not but I was being windblasted about mercilessly and those photos are the only ones in which my hair did not look like wild animal on top of my head... so I took some more civilised ones to accompany my pattern review!
High winds, and 40C (104F) and an overnight low of 23C (74F); this is perfect bushfire weather so we are all keeping our fingers crossed for no disasters, please...
Without further ado...

Pattern Description:
Dresses A, B, C, D, E, F have lined bodice, front pleats, front gathers, back darts, self-faced midriff, back zipper and skirt variation.  A. B, C: lined, slim skirt in two lengths with front and back darts, bbac k slit.  D, E, F: skirt in two lengths with front and back pleats, pleat underlay and side seam pockets.  A, D: gathered sleeves with sleeve bands.  A, B, D, E: mid-knee length.  C, F: below mid-calf
Pattern Sizing:
8-22 altogether, I bought the 8-14 option and cut size 10
Did it look like the drawing/photo on the pattern envelope once you had finished sewing it?
I sewed view F but made up a completely different bodice front; otherwise yes.  My personal feeling is that the fabric used for the sample in the pattern photograph does not do it any favours... but that's just my opinion...
Were the instructions easy to follow?
What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern?
I didn't like the bodice, thought it would be too bouffant for my figure so drafted my own more fitted version.  I LOVE the big big skirt of view F!!  
Fabric used:
Printed cotton, with cotton voile for a lining and petticoat
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I constructed a completely different bodice front, details here.  I did this both to get a more fitted bodice, as well as to inject some interest to what is otherwise a pretty basic design...  I also added a waist tie, to tie in a bow at the back and to nip in the waist more.  Also added an attached petticoat to "boof" up that skirt even more, and used an invisible zip in lieu of a dress zip.
Would you sew it again?  Would you recommend it to others?
I will probably sew it again, if not this view then one of the slimline skirt looks.  It is a very easy pattern, with nice variations.   Highly recommend it to sewers of all levels; with this proviso: if you are not buxom then look closely at that gathered bodice front before using it.  You may wish to either modify it, or substitute a different more fitted bodice as I did.
I love this dress, and anticipate wearing it a lot.  It is super comfortable as well as beautifully feminine with that big twirly skirt, and big deep pockets to shove one's hands in.  Big pockets on a dress are such a bonus.  However I am also glad I went with a fitted bodice.  In my opinion a more slimline bodice sets off a big skirt better, provides a well proportioned silhouette.

Dress; Vogue 8555 view F, with bodice of my own design details here, waist tie and added petticoat, printed cotton
Shoes; Sandler, had for donkey's years


  1. it is beautiful! It looked lovely in the other photos, but it is much easier to see the dress clearly with the white background. You look great.

  2. You look fab !! I love your dress it's a perfect ladylike dress. It looks very versatile too on the pattern envelope.

  3. A perfect marriage of fabric and dress design - with the added usefulness of pockets! Looks wonderfully glam!

  4. Beautiful dress, congratulations, it was beautiful on you.


    Eilane - Brazil

  5. Happy (late) Merry Christmas, Carolyn!

    The dress is SO Betty Draper -- I just love it! Your bodice alterations are totally flattering, and I'm jealous of your pockets!

    Now you'll just have to go find a fainting couch to recline upon. :)

  6. You look awesome in this dress!! It looks so well constructed, too - nice work!

  7. Love, love, LOVE this dress on you! Absolutely gorgeous.

  8. As soon as I opened this up, I thought, oooh, your hair looks so lovely! (and your kitchen counter so clean. :) ) Your weather sounds like typical summer for here, although we rarely get as low as 74 during the night, that would be lovely! We've had such dry weather than brush fires are a big concern here too ....

    I love the poofy skirt!! this is such a pretty dress.

    I've never sewn a vogue pattern before, but have seen some pretty ones lately ...

  9. The dress is just stunning, cute, feminine - wow! Love the flowered fabric you chose.

  10. I just love your dress. Reminds me that summer will come to Colorado soon. Well, not soon, but....

    And, don't "diss" wild hair....mine is wild every day! And, I like it that way.

  11. Oooo - now you´ve made me want to make summer dresses again (although obviously it´s still mid-winter here). I love everything about this dress. And you look stunning! :-)

  12. Adorable dress. Love it! Happy new year!