Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What were we wearing in the early nineties?

I am wearing here an outfit I wore to death.  I mean the outfit's death, not mine, obviously...
This photo is marked in my album "4 1/2 months", which is the age of our eldest son who I am adoring here; isn't he sweet?  Ah, the days when I measured the age of the children even down to the half month!!
I have no idea of the pattern I used... but it comprised a pair of very loose shorts with an elasticised waist, and a very oversized button up shirt with two large breast pockets.  In the very best early-nineties tradition.  I made this version in a cool light linen mix, in co-ordinating fabrics.  It was comfy and easy to wear, and being so super-sized I managed to wear it during the best part of two pregnancies as well as when not pregnant, and still looked quite fashionable, believe it or not.  Such were the days when the in-look was for HUGE clothing.  Funny times.  An elasticised waist is an anathema to me nowadays.  
I wonder what will characterise the styles of today, when we look back in ten or twenty years time?

(Oh, and if you would like to see what this cute little tike looks like now, go here)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Green quilt

Sometimes I forget that I set out to document all my handmade stuff here.  Including the old stuff.
This is a quilt I made a few years ago.  The fabrics are all green based, and all "floral" in the sense they all are leafy, fruity, and/or vegetable-y  (I do like to make up words when I feel like it)  I collected fabrics over about six months until I had found enough to satisfy my criteria, in both the quantity and in the prints.  There was almost NO leftovers when I had finished, making the quilt "green" in a colloquial sense too...  That's the beauty of quilts based upon basic square shapes, you can plan them to be very economical with fabric.
The patch arrangement is based upon a Kaffe Fasset design from his quilt book.  The edges are hand bound with bias binding, made using two of the fabrics.  The top is all machine pieced, and I started hand-quilting the three layers together before I lost enthusiasm and finished the quilting on the machine.
Purists will shudder, but... meh.
It measures approximately 210cmx240cm (7ftx8ft)  perhaps a little smaller, but not by much.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Further from yesterday

Thankyou so much for your thoughts yesterday ... and many of your comments resonated quite clearly with me and my own thinking on this subject; I also read a little bit more on Natalie's findings and summary of her yearlong challenge here.  The bit about recognising the work of experts in their field (ie. shoemakers) and not trying to metaphorically reinvent the wheel, spoke to me.  I also had been feeling, like a lot of post-modernists, that I should be doing more for myself and making as much as I could... relying less on store-bought.  This is rooted in good intentions, but has limitations.  I can't see myself attempting to make my own shoes or sunglasses, for example.  Is this a cop-out?  Well, no, because although I like to set myself challenges and rise to them, I do understand the findings of the makeshift project that some components of a project can be just so much wasted time for an amateur and that unnecessary self-imposed hardship could be viewed as just plain silly.  And just to clarify: I don't view Natalie's challenge as at all silly, on the contrary; I have enormous admiration for her achievement... 
On the subject of challenges, well I have already committed myself to not buy any new clothing for myself, and I feel quite comfortable with that one, and actually not particularly challenged by this rule at all.  Thus my need to search for a new challenge?
I also feel that making new garments for myself, like basics such as Tshirts... when I have perfectly good ones already sitting in my drawers, is counterproductive.  So perhaps I'm just not ready for this particular challenge.  The notion of not allowing myself to wear certain items of clothing in my possession just because they happen to have been bought in a store, is not practical, and really doesn't prove anything to anyone.
But I will continue to make my own clothes, and as the old store-boughts get to the stage of being consigned to the rag-bag, maybe I will be ready to do this challenge for myself.

But not the shoes!!

Skirt; my own design, based upon a basic three (six?) gore pattern Butterick 3134, printed polyester chiffon
Top; Tbox
Hat; Country Road
Tongs (flipflops); Mountain Designs
Sunnies; RayBan

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The makeshift project

Oh, I am in a much better mood today since my family turned up here last night... I swear I was getting a minor case of ...something mental... here all by my lonesome and carrying on one-sided conversations with the dog; her contribution was just supportive tail-wagging and loyal loving looks... kinda like one of those weird psychological films.
So I apologise sincerely for any escalating grumpiness over the past few days.
Last evening while internetting by myself, I discovered an awesome blog, makeshift, where a clothing designer went for a year wearing only items of clothing made by herself, including shoes and underwear, oh and sunglasses too!!  I only wish I had discovered her at the beginning of her journey as her year is now over and she doesn't seem to be making many entries in her blog since she finished a few months ago.  Such an impressive feat; and not only has her determination inspired me but I adore all her clothes and designs, she looks modern, comfortable and edgy in all her outfits.  I want to be edgier too now, my current clothes are boring me at the mo.  Practicality is winning out over style here...
The concept of going all self-made is something I've toyed with in my own head before, although not to the extreme of making my own shoes; this is beyond my capabilities.  Not to mention I love my current shoe collection too much...  Though, is there a shoe-making course to be found in Perth...?
I am going to give this some thought.  I do think I could go a year all self-made.  Bar shoes, oh and underwear ... as I don't see the point of making a new set of underwear when I have perfectly servicable set already.  Plus I'm not convinced making underwear is an interesting or worthwhile fashion statement.  I'll only go to this extreme the day I can't find underwear made in Australia anymore...
In my initial excitement I pondered doing this beginning the 1st January 2011, but realistically this will not work as we have an overseas skiing trip planned for January and I couldn't possibly make my own snow-worthy gear... well, not in time.  I'm sure it is possible and some clever seamstresses out there have probably done it but for the climate where I live it just wouldn't be worth my effort, honestly.  It has never snowed here in the history of time and probably isn't going to any time soon.
Keep you posted.

Shorts; Burda 7723, white linen
Top; Country Road
Cardigan; my own design, jersey knit

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thoughts on coat-hangers

A smocked dress for a coat-hanger…?
A friend was telling me recently about a local woman whose business is to come out and assesses one’s wardrobe.  Yes, apparently there are some women out there who do not do this simple and very personal task for themselves… but I digress… this lady visits you in your own home and helps you go through your wardrobe and decides for you what does and doesn’t suit you; sorts out what to keep and what to cull and “enables” you to fill gaps in your wardrobe (translation; goes shopping with you to spend even more of your money)
The particular lady we were discussing has a firm belief that one's coat-hangers must be all matching, and definitely not the old wire variety either.  She recommends white and plastic.  She tosses out every single coat-hanger you own that doesn’t conform to this strict rule and makes you buy all new identical white plastic coat hangers … apparently one simply cannot be a well dressed woman if one’s coat-hangers do not match… I know, how ridiculous.  Some of my most treasured possessions are the coat-hangers that have crocheted, smocked, knitted (or whatever) covers; made by my great-aunties and great grandmothers who are now gone…
And not only are these a sentimental memento of my female role model relatives, but they make the best, bar none, hangers for delicate slippery tops and dresses...
I have covered only one coat-hanger to pass on to my daughter… this is it.  So while it makes me cringe a bit to look at it, hopefully she might feel some nostalgic attachment to it some day.
Disclaimer: as well as my inherited hand-crafted beauties, the rest of my coat-hanger collection is a veritable zoo of different varieties, including lots of old wire-ys...

Below; a daily outfit photo.  Looking back over my blog; the days over the past year that are clearest to me are the days in which I have a photo of myself.  Seeing me in that day’s outfit really helps jog my memory of the events of the day and my feelings…  So if I get the time to take a photo, I am going to put one in.
(On another note; I was surprised yesterday at the number of (albeit nicely worded) comments telling me I was just showing off.  I didn't think I was showing off, just trying something different.  And seriously I've heard of ladies in their eighties who can still do hand-stands.  I really admire those ladies who don't let age get in the way of their fitness routine, or anything else in their lives for that matter, and would like to hope I could be one of those ladies)

Skirt; Vogue 7303, cotton velveteen
Top; Aztec Rose, from an op shop
Cardigan; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yah, so I must be bored with the same old same old blogger poses... though I'm probably not going to be attempting this one too frequently...  could be the collective subconscious of all those teenage souls inhabiting the general environs hereabouts affecting me...   I swear I have not been imbibing!!  
I really needed a helping hand to re-arrange those shorts once I'm up there; but my sole housemate Sienna just sat helpfully on the sidelines looking on in quietly loyal doggie support.  Probably wondering, what on earth is she up to now??  and can't we just go for a walk along the beach??
Yes, my sweet.  We will go for a looooong walkies now, and brekkie when we get back...
Speaking of which; Mum brought me some new apples to try out, a new variety called Golden Lady, a cross between Golden Delicious and Pink Lady, I presume; and they are YUM!  I've been having them with plain yoghurt for breakfast, and am hoping they turn up in the markets at home ... soon!  Thankyou so much Mum!

Shorts; Burda 7723 with minor modifications, refashioned from an old skirt here
Camisole; Country Road
Cardigan; bought secondhand and dyed yellow by me here, Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A difficult dress

Oh, so much for horrific leavers rowdy stories... so far I've only come across small bunches of delightfully friendly, polite and sweet teenagers who immediately want to pat Sienna and make friends with her.  Having a dog takes down a lot of barriers...  and seeing happy teenagers having fun on the beach has just made me miss my own kiddywinks and I really wish they were here with me...  sigh... 
My dress; first time here although it does not qualify as new.  I've really struggled with this dress.  This is its third incarnation, nearly two years in the making and I'm still not desperately in love with it... I bought this embroidered silk from Tessuti's in Melbourne a few years ago, with the intention of making a full-skirted number inspired by a Burberry dress.  Full-skirted, fitted bodice, boatneck and with elbow length fitted sleeves.  I finished my version and it was a perfectly OK dress.  But it didn't actually look very "me".  I felt like I was dressing up in someone else's clothes...
So I decided the full-skirt was the problem; I unpicked this and recut a more fitted skirt.  This was a little better, but by this time the allover embroidery and sameness of the fabric was just screaming at me "TOO MUCH" and I had to put it aside for a few months.  Or a year.  You remember how the von Trapp children in the Sound of Music were all dressed in the curtain fabric so all their outfits were over-the-top matchy matchy??  The dress was like that.  Eventually I removed the bodice and sleeves, recut the skirt again and bought some goldy green silk for a plain bodice.  Sleeveless.  
But still not.... quite...
I look at all my sewing and judge it by this criteria; would I buy this if I saw it in a shop?  And this dress; well I'm not so sure.
The fabric is so gorgeous; soft gold, apricot and muted mossy sagey green, nothing not to love there.  I'm forcing myself to wear it, hoping I will love it more with use.  But I'm not ready to reveal it without a cardigan yet.  I still look at it and can see all the angst in its inception...

Dress; partly my own design with components of Burda 8071, green silk, embroidered gold silk
Cardigan; Nine, from Labels boutique
Hat; Country Road
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The lull before the storm

My title is not referring to the weather, but the fact that I am down here in Dunsborough again, "minding" the beach-house during leavers week.  Yah, the town is expecting thousands of teenagers to rock up any minute now and start being extremely loud, boisterous and drunken.  In fact I have reliable intelligence that some had already started the partay-ing last weekend...  But this morning Sienna and I were up and on the beach bright and early (thanks, Mum for the wake-up phone call...) and all was quiet and beautiful and peaceful... hardly a soul in sight;  the only sound being the swoosh of the tide and the squawking of sea-birds.  So I'm wondering where all the teenagers are, so far.  Too early, maybe?  Sensibly sleeping?  Anyhoo, Mum will be coming to keep me company for today, we may catch a little morning tea and another stroll along the sand... discussing weighty worldly issues such as our sewing and wardrobe plans.

Shorts; Burda 7723 slightly modified here, greige corduroy
Camisole; Cotton On, tossed out by my daughter and rescued by me
Cardigan; Metalicus
Scarf; silk chiffon, made by me
Thongs (flipflops); Mountain Design
Sunnies; RayBan

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eating humble pie...

Yah, OK, so I went to the vintage fair.  And it was pretty cool.
What can I say, the last post I wrote I was still feeling grumpy and unsociable, heat waves have that effect on me.  Sunday brought a breeze and a divinely cool change; refreshing and invigorating to mind, body and spirit, so we felt inclined to get off our butts and DO SOMETHING!!  yeah!  As our Canadian friends here say, get yerselves oot and aboot!
So I enjoyed it. 
One thing I found interesting on browsing and checking out the inside of garments is how a lot of "real" vintage evening wear  from the late 40's and early 50's was made of nylon, rayon, polyester etc, as at the time these were often considered superior to natural fibres.  An interestingly different view to the one we hold now... And how horrible the zips often are in these garments, big and clunky and obvious.  Ahhh, the blessings of the modern invisible zip.  We've come a long way in some areas, that's for sure.
I got a Glomesh bag!  I do have one already that my parents gave me for a birthday present, sometime in my teen years when you could actually buy them new, hmmm, showing my age there!  My original one is beige, and in perfect condition, of course!  The one I picked up yesterday is a teensy bit tarnished, but in pretty good nick overall, and anyhow, I really wanted a gold one.  I also bought a set of cake forks, which we needed, for only a dollar more than an almost identical set I bought a few months ago in a real op shop; and this great Charles and Di Wedding commemorative mug.  My husband didn't "get" this last purchase, cries of omg, Carolyn, how tacky can you get?!!, but hey, I think enough time has passed that this sort of memorabilia is no longer tacky tacky but an interesting relic and symbolic to all of us of... something indefinably 80's...  anyway I can see the irony.  And I'm looking forward to people's reaction when I serve them a cuppa in this...

Skirt; skirt "d", from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa, silver/grey crepe
Top; Aura
Belt; made by me, see here
Sandals; Anna, from MarieClaire shoes
Bag; Glomesh

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thoughts on the "vintage" trend

A friend passed on to me tickets to a Vintage Market on this weekend, promising "Vintage and Retro Men's and Women's Clothing and Accessories", and sorry, but I can't help but feel a bit yawn-y about the whole thing.  And hate to sound cynical, but the current fad for "vintage" is just becoming a tad too commercial for my liking.  I've even heard stories of ladies who have been op-shopping like mad for this event, scooping up masses of clothing and up-marking it to put in their own "vintage" stalls in the market... well count me out.  
I've got nothing against op-shopping, per se.  Well, I have done it myself once in a while...  Op-shopping (if done when you can afford not to, I mean) is of course partly a political statement of one's non-dependence on commercial and new products, and how better to make that first-impression "I rebel against the system" message than in your clothing?  As well as satisfying one's artistic desire to dress uniquely, not to mention saving a few dollars at the same time; so it's not surprising this is a long-term favourite occupation of real bohemian souls... 
But is one being truly thrifty or merely conformist when following the "vintage" trend?  Or worse, opportunist, as in the case of the Market sharks vendors.
So I think I'll just be occupying myself with sewing and gardening this weekend.  Plus I've already got my own "vintage" (hahaha) treasures; this dress is very Jackie O, don't you think?  I picked it up when she had her White House garage sale... of course I'm joking, I made this myself about five years ago, and no pseudo-retro or "vintage" pattern was used either, just an ordinary one.  Sorry to disappoint.  I'm merely wearing it to stay cool.
Funny thing when I was putting this on this morning; I put it over my head just as usual then struggled a little to pull it down, and I couldn't understand why it felt tighter than usual.  Then went to pull up the zip.  The zip was already up.  Lol!

Dress; Burda 8511 slightly modified to fit, printed synthetic stuff (thus the "indestructible" dress)
Sandals; Franco Burrone, from MarieClaire shoes

Friday, November 19, 2010

Russet socks

So, new sockies.
How warm and cosy they look here in this photo. This wool colour is called Russet, an evocative name, prompting an immediate image association thing in my head involving apples and open fires and toast and autumn leaves and blankets and mulled wine...  I'm sure as autumn and winter roll around I will be grateful for the suggestive connotations of this wonderful word, but today being 37C (99F) my feet complained petulantly about being stuffed into warm woolly socks for their photo shoot and threatened a walk-out strike.  They could only be co-erced into a short modelling session on promise of a good long soak in the pool afterwards.
Ha.  So I'm not feeling hugely eloquent today.  Brain a bit sapped and zapped by this heat.  It's too early for this sort of heat.  I'm not ready for summer.  Not yet.  I need a bit more spring.  We need more spring.  More fresh breezes and more rain, please.  Especially lots of rain.  Not this stupefying heat and fierce hot winds.  Perfect bushfire weather, of course.
I hung out a few loads of washing this morning, early, and an hour later all was bone dry and crackly warm.  So I brought in the washing again at about 9am.  Folded all and put it away.  The latter normally an afternoon activity.

Socks; Adaption of the Ladies' Sockettes from Patons Knitting Book C11, Morris 4ply Merino in Russet (col 411) and Beluga (col 430)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In which Sienna has a bad hair day...

We are having a mini heat-wave.  35C yesterday, 36C today and forecast 37C tomorrow...  (roughly 95F, 97F and 99F respectively)  I'm nervous about summer.  Yup, not even summer yet, and already we're cookin'.  Not to mention the dog... all that fur... poor poppet.  So a few days ago, when the hot hot hot days starting appearing up ahead on the weather report I rang our neighbourhood dog groomer.
Oh, yes Sienna, one of my favourites!" she chirped.  "now let me see, when can I fit Sienna in... hmmm (sounds of multiple pages flicking... flicking...flicking) the earliest I have is the thirteenth of January."
Stunned pause. 
"Oh." Gulp.  "Oh, yes, please book us in"
Since when has it been harder to have one's dog clipped than one's own hair, for heaven's sake?  Though I'm obviously a bit dense, because I now recall it was the same story last year and still I haven't learnt about the importance of getting in way early...  I'm telling you, looking for extra summertime income? get some clippers and put yourself out there grooming dogs.  Around here at least, HUGE demand...  
But in the meantime, Sienna is already panting and falling back on our morning constitutionals so immediate action is required.  I've never clipped a dog before but am always up for a challenge and my overly-confident, can-do brain assured me seriously, how hard could this be?  Armed myself with a medium sized pair of scissors (a mistake... now have blisters) and set to work.  Like, hours later, simply smothered in dog fur (a daily outfit pic from yesterday would have been hilariously un-glamourous) and with a whole cushion sized bag of new blonde clippings in the bin, and below is pictured the newly coiffured Sienna.  (here is the before-Sienna) You know the old saying from schooldays when someone had a haircut "Lost a fight with the lawnmower?" well in all honesty the poor pet looks a bit this way.  Today my daughter's boyfriend stopped in his tracks, staring incredulously before inquiring "what happened to the dog?"
But hey, I did the best I could do.  She was a very very good dog, lying so patiently while her inept mistress snipped snipped snipped away laboriously...  There are no nicks.  And there's no doubt she is a heaps livelier and happier dog with a renewed spring in her step.

Top; my own design, refashioned old pair of 3/4 linen pants seen first here
Skirt; Vogue 7303, lime printed cotton
Sandals; Anna, from MarieClaire shoes
Hat; Country Road
Sunnies; RayBan

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inspirational Rowan

Now this is kinda exciting.  A friend was “having a bit of a cleanout" (don’t you just love it when friends get ruthless with their cupboards) and found these Rowan knitting magazines that she actually didn’t want any more (gasp, I knoooow, right?) and has super sweetly tossed them my way.  From a purely artistic perspective, the outfit styling and photography in these publications is just dreamy and utterly gorgeous.  So inspiring...
But I have a guilty confession.  The thought of knitting cardigans and jumpers... well to be honest it's just not rocking my boat.  Just at present.  I'm sort of admiring some of these knits, but my knitting mojo is stuck on socks right now.  I know some people think I'm mad.  Maybe I am.  Knitting socks is slightly mad, I do see that...
But if I want a coat/jacket/cardigan I would find some fabric and sew something ...  Is this too awful?  Perhaps I should resign my Ravelry membership in shame?  
Although the knits are not getting me all covet-y here, the dresses… ! (sigh) technically not on show here, and no credits, dammit, but I am seriously excited about these small-scale feminine prints, these colours and these romantic maidenly ensembles here.  Some copying is going to happen, I’m telling you now.
The busy floral coat at top, worn over a rough linen skirt; the floaty dress, top right; the long petticoat just above; the adorable triple row of frills at the hem of the snowy white skirt, below left...  Look at the last; the small-scale red gingham dress, worn over the floral skirt... really I think this last one is my favourite.
And I have an happy albeit embarrassing admission.  Yesterday I was moping about my desire for Vogue 1152 made up in a floaty floral, and my sad lack of said floaty floral, then the memory came a-stirring and I raced over to my fabric stash, and yes!! (air fist punch) during the Melbourne fabric buying frenzy I had actually bought some perfectly lovely floaty floral stuff from the Alannah Hill outlet.  In the post-holiday return to the busy-ness of normal life I had zoned this out, as you do.  Others can relate, I’m sure… guilty conscience?  spending spree remorse?  Me, I’m blaming impending old-age.  Happens to the best of us, so I’m told.
So moping is officially now over, and floaty floral fabulousness will be coming right up!
Top 5 photos above from Rowan knitting and crochet magazines

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half a house

A house in our neighbourhood is being renovated, providing me with a wonderfully devastated landscape to borrow for my backdrop today.  From this door I should be stepping into to the laundry and bathroom... both of these now residing in a huge skip out front.
Paradoxically, given this scene of dust and destruction, I am cleaning my own house today.  Plus it is a waaaaarm day, so dressed for comfort and coolness whilst wielding a vacuum cleaner and mop.  Hopefully I will have a little quality time with my sewing machine later... 
Of the garb, this dress is soooo comfortable and will be great for summer.  I like this pattern, but I'm so happy I followed my instincts and modified it to suit this fabric better.  But now I'm dreaming of making it up again, this time to the pattern, maybe in a floral floaty, or possibly in a sheer gelato chiffon to wear over a petticoat.  Hmmm, since I don't have either of these fabrics in my stash this would mean a trip to the fabric store, which I have sworn off until I have reduced the volume in my fabric cupboard by at least a few more lengths... sigh.
The shoeless photo is purely a gratuitous shot to show off of my handknit socks, and to show how meticulously I have co-ordinated my whole blue and grey ensemble today; thankyou for noticing.  Actually, come to think of it not so gratuitous, as the boots do not participate when I am doing housework.  Like most people (I think?!) I kick off my footwear at home and swan around either barefoot or in socks.
So, do you wear shoes when at home or, like me, do your feet go nekked?

Dress; Vogue 1152 with modifications listed here, cotton chambray
Socks; handknit by me
Boots; Francesco Morichetti, from Zomp shoes

Monday, November 15, 2010

Navy blue blazer; 6 different ways

Oh this was so easy it felt like cheating; after all, it's not so much a matter of hunting about to find what will go with a classic navy blue blazer, because of course everything goes with this thing!  So rather than just put together random seasonal outfits I went with the idea of showcasing how a navy blue blazer fits in beautifully with so many of the "looks" that are re-introduced and re-cycled into fashion season after season.
I made my blazer using Simplicity 4698, a classic silhouette that is (I think) still in the catalogue today, using deep navy blue raw silk, and lined with matching deep blue lining.  Closure is by a single large silver button.  Being blue, rather than the usual black, I think has enhanced its usefulness.  The fashion gurus advise a black blazer as an essential wardrobe basic but in my wardrobe the blue version has substituted quite happily for and therefore been just as versatile; and furthermore a more interesting option than the expected black.  Although I am still considering making a black one too ... one of these days...sigh
So below left; for casual winter days, the (almost) all-black biker or rock chick look.  It works, and I reckon is chic-er than a black jacket would have been.  Below right; going nautical for summer?  Well then, navy blazer mandatory.  Will the nautical look ever go out of date....?!
Below left; Grunge, anyone?  Probably not a look rocked by the over 25's very often, but I think the classic tailored lines of the blazer lift the whole tone of this look up a tad and make it a very viable weekend bushwalking and picnic option for a well-dressed woman.  At right; Naturally the obvious finishing touch to a business appropriate outfit (please just pretend I am wearing flesh-toned tights, which I do not have on in this photo and which would probably be mandatory in the office with an above-knee skirt, right?)
Below left; worn with romantic lacy layers one is prissily transformed into something resembling a turn of the century school schoolgirl.  That is the last century just gone, obviously...  I really like this old-fashioned look, my favourite here... well, I am just an old-fashioned girl at heart...  Below right; with a floaty full-length skirt and flat strappy sandals, channelling the bohemian/hippy look straight from the seventies.
Today I'm sporting the prim and feminine schoolmarm look just above...  But which of these looks here is your look?