Thursday, January 6, 2011

The two things together

I'm not sure if this outfit is too severe.  Perhaps.  But this is the thing; I wanted to see these two pieces both together as they were designed to go with each other.  Both being from the same designer.  Japanese designed clothing can often be very architectural and pared back.  And I love this sharp, slightly futuristic minimalism that Japanese designers offer.  And it's a look that I think is very indefinably now.
So, yeah, here's me trying to be all super fashionable...
Yet other times I'm romantically lacy and floral, and other times a bit sporty; thus the schizophrenic nature of my sartorial tastes... these very different styles are constantly clashing together in my wardrobe, sometimes meeting in a mishmash of an outfit for a day, sometimes donned in a pure distillation of a recognised style.  
Perhaps it's just that I like to experiment in both my sewing and with my "look".
Today I am purely Japanese.
Oh, except for the raggedy old hat (romantic)... and the tennis shoes (sporty)...
So I guess, not so purely Japanese after all! 

About the other pictures; I snapped these samples of the local wildlife floating past the jetty this morning.  Black swans, natch, our state fauna and emblem, and after which this river is named.
And the jellyfish... relax, these ones are harmless.  I learnt to swim in this river, as did my kids, and one soon learnt to gently swoosh them aside during swimming lessons!

Top; top "b" from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa, white cotton, first posted here
Skirt; skirt "d" from Unique Clothes Any Way You Like, by Natsuno Hiraiwa, silver crepe first posted here, I styled this skirt styled in 6 different ways here
Hat and shoes; Country Road


  1. I don't consider this severe at all - quite the opposite in fact. Love the white and beige together and the line of the neck on the blouse.

  2. Very classy looking I think, and quite classic!

  3. You look beautiful. I love these soft colours together. It makes me think of a spring day.

  4. I love the button detail on the skirt. I don't think the outfit is severe either. Beautiful!

  5. Like we said in the 80's: "It's new, it's now! It's WOW!"

    Fantastic combination!

  6. I like how you mix parts from different styles and still look as only you can. That's part of having a style and be a constant metamorphosis and still be true to who you are.


    Eilan - Brazil

  7. I love the clean lines of this outfit. Both pieces are great, but especially the skirt with the button detail.

  8. I like them together as well! The button detail on the skirt is especially nice.

    I saw a pair of black swans floating along a flooded paddock during yesterday's sunset - they are such elegant looking creatures!

  9. I like these two items together! Have you played much with the blouse? Can it be tucked in or belted over too?

  10. I love that top!! About those jellyfish...after watching a show about the worlds most dangerous animals and finding that many of the were in Australia, my husband declared that he would NEVER visit there, lol. So reading about you learning to gently brush them aside, I had a real good laugh.

  11. Well yeah, it is pretty spare, but boo-yah, if you like it, who cares? I would totally wear it. I am really liking that blouse, it is deceptively simple but so versatile!

    I'm laughing about your "schizophrenic" style. I'm sure I could never define something for myself!

  12. These two pieces do look great together. The black swans are so beautiful.